Nicki Minaj reveals how her friendship with Beyoncé began

Nicki Minaj is returning to the music industry

Which Nicki Minaj want, she can. The 39-year-old singer is in the midst of a triumphant return to the music industry after the release of singles like “Do We Have A Problem?” “Bussin” and “We Go Up” – not to mention their appearance on the smash hit of Coi Leray, “Blick Blick”. It’s been years since we’ve received a complete new work from the Trinidadian lyricist, and fans are so eager to hear what she has in store for her next project, they’ve been tirelessly listening to her 2010 album, “!Pink Friday”.

With the resurgence of some of her classics, Minaj has been a little reflective about one song in particular, “Girls Fall Like Dominoes,” in which she rapped about conquering the world with Beyonce, despite never having met or spoken to the singer. “When I wrote ‘GFLD’ I had nothing but imagination and I said ‘Down the road, I was in Paris with Bey’. I had never met/talked to her. No way I imagined working [com] Is it over there”.

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It seems the “Barbie Dreams” hitmaker trusting her vision and talking about it was enough to make her dreams come true. “Closing my third album ‘The Pinkprint’, she invited me to play [com] her for the first time. In Paris”. Minaj managed to bring what she thought was not possible to the front of her life in 2014 when she joined Bey to perform her song “Flawless (Remix)”, four years after the release of “Pink Friday”.

In related news, Nicki Minaj says he is loving life without the use of drugs. “I used to be happy when I was high,” she wrote on Thursday, April 21. “Now I’m happy when I’m sober. No judgment for anyone. Be kind to yourself,” she posted on social media, earning more than 50,000 likes.

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