Nicola Brzęczek on the appointment to the team: Kuba and Jurek congratulated me immediately

19-year-old football player Nicola Brzęczek is closely related to Jerzy Brzęczek and Kuba Błaszczykowski. Her grandfather, Krzysztof Brzęczek, is the brother of the former coach of the Polish national team. The young competitor revealed in an interview with that she did not always like to boast about this fact.

These questions irritated and embarrassed me. Today I don’t understand it completely. Jurek and Kuba are great figures and I am very proud of them, but then I probably didn’t want anyone to see me through their prism. Without it, I felt more free – said the player of GKS Katowice.

A moment later, however, she added that today the situation is completely different. – I owe both of them a lot. Sometimes they played with me, but they had the greatest impact not by kicking the ball but by talking to me. They have enormous experience, so they were able to advise me well and set me up properly, although friction did happen sometimes. A lot of people say that I have a similar character to them, so I am also very stubborn. But in the end I always made allowances for how much they survived in football and how many I experienced. It helped to understand who might be right – said Nicola Brzęczek in an interview with the portal

“In my childhood, I had a problem with Kuba”

The 19-year-old footballer also mentioned that her childhood relationship with Jakub Błaszczykowski was not always perfect. The competitor revealed that she had a problem with having an uncle who is her idol.

– As a child, I had a minor problem in relations with Kuba. I was staring at him like at a picture, I watched his every match, I tried to play like him, I treated him as an absolute idol, and on the other hand, I knew that he was just my uncle and I felt that I should treat him simply in the world – recalls Nicola Brzęczek -He moreover, he could not have imagined otherwise. Of course, it passed with age and today we are supportive of each other – continued the Polish footballer.

At the end of the conversation with the portal, Nicola stated that she had a trait that is typical of her family members. – I am stubborn. I believe hard work pays off. Anyway, it’s family with us – said the 19-year-old footballer.

On Thursday, the women’s football team defeated Kosovo 2-1 in the el. World Cup. Nicola Brzęczek was not appointed to the match team for this match.

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