Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban wedding photo never seen before

Sydney was then armored. Nobody could even come close to the church where Australia’s most famous daughter, Nicole Kidmanmarried her singer Keith Urban. A party for the actress’s newfound smile. Fresh from the troubled divorce from Tom Cruise. We have seen very few images of that wedding, celebrated on a sunny day in the southern winter. Until, to wish her beloved a happy 16th anniversary, the diva posted an unedited photo of that special day. Here is it above. “I remember it like it was yesterday. Forever », writes Nicole on Instagram.

nicole kidman and keith urban

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman just celebrated 16 years of marriage. With very special social greetings, like an unedited photo of their wedding. The couple, who have two daughters, do nothing but declare eternal love at every opportunity. Photo Ansa

Love at first sight in 2005, the wedding in 2006

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman met in 2005. At G’Day LA, a Hollywood event honoring Australians. There is even the photo “taken a few minutes after we met”, as he wrote by posting it on Instgaram. The wedding was celebrated the following year. And, within a couple of years, their two children were born too, Sunday Rose13 years old, and Faith Margaret11. Nicole also has two other children, Isabella, 29 years old, and Connor, 27, adopted with ex-husband Tom Cruise. And that they chose not to be a part of her life.


When Keith Urban didn’t call Nicole Kidman

The couple is considered to be among the most closely knit in Hollywood. “Shortly after meeting him I remember thinking: I have such a crush on him, but he’s not interested in me. I swear it’s true! He hasn’t called me for four months, ”Kidman a Ellen DeGeneres in 2017. The version given by the singer is a little different. “Someone gave me his number and I kept it in my pocket for a while. I kept looking at him thinking: if I call this number, she will answer. And I don’t know what to say ».

Nicole and Keith saved each other

He found something to say. Since not a week goes by without at least one of the two not publishing some serenade or declaration of love for the other. In interviews you said that “Keith saved me” from the loneliness of the post-divorce from Tom Cruise. «He is a very strong, warm and kind man. I’m very lucky to have him in my life, because his arms are a really nice place to curl up. And this is a lonely world. So, for me, it was an extraordinary thing to find, especially later in my life. “

He does the same. Explaining that it was Nicole who pushed him to return to rehab immediately after the wedding. To begin their sober and happy life together. “I wasn’t in a good time in my life when I met her. I was struggling with many things, never, in a million years, would I have thought that someone like her would have seen anything in me… The fact that it has happened is astounding ».



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