Nicole Kidman Luke Evans: Grammy duet

“Thank you dear Luke Evans for asking me to be part of this duet!” Kidman wrote inviting everyone to listen to “Say Something” from her stunning new album “A Song For You”.

Fans of the Australian icon covered their darling with praise and compliments for his musical talent.

Many have asked that she be judged alongside the big stars of the music industry: “It’s time for Nicole Kidman to receive her Grammy!”

Others suggested that she make an album with her husband Keith Urban, a well-known country singer.

Speaking on the release of her album on November 4, Luke, 43, revealed that Nicole was “so grateful” that he had asked her to duet for the song and described the actress as “a lovely full human being. of kindness, humility and warmth “.

He then recounted how the performance came about after an evening spent together at his home in Sydney. The two met on the set of the Hulu miniseries “Nine Perfect Strangers”: “When we finished filming, we had dinner at Nicole and Keith’s house in Sydney one night. After dinner, Nicole said: Well, you sing, Keith plays the piano. He will play anything, just tell him the song. (…) I sang Adele’s Make You Feel My Love. I knew Nicole loved to sing, so she joined us. “

Luke then added that when he was preparing to record his cover of “Say Something” for his album, he realized that Nicole would be the perfect singing partner, and when he asked her, she immediately said to Yes.
“I already had that song in my head because I knew it would fit very well with both of our voices. I knew they would blend perfectly, so I sent them the track and Nicole loved it right away.

“She went to the recording studio with Keith in Nashville and recorded her part of the song. I have a little video of her recording in the booth. I think she liked it a lot.”

It is not the first time that Nicole tries her hand at singing though. She did it as Satine in “Moulin Rouge!” by Baz Luhrmann, earning an Oscar nomination and climbing the charts in 2001 when she duet with Robbie Williams on the song, made famous by Nancy and Frank Sinatra, “Something Stupid”. There is real talent in her.

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