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The Australian actress, with an imperturbable gaze, shows the world the only remedy for dealing with work stress: a formal, vintage-inspired, designer wardrobe

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Demna Gvasalia, the stylist of Balenciagareturned to the set to remind us that office attire is a serious matter since, due to the pandemic and smartworking, we no longer know how to dress to go to work To reinforce the sense of the lesson, the designer uses a familiar scenario, the classic professional interior/studio, and a series of more or less famous faces. Among the most famous, undoubtedly, Nicole Kidman and Isabelle Huppertboth friends of the French maison to the point of having become testimonials of the garments of Garde Robethe Cruise Collection for the warm season 2023.

A new reflection on capitalism by Demna Gvasalia

Usually the so-called “cruise collections” they are designed for a wealthy public, the only one who can afford precious and eccentric garments for expensive holidays in exotic places out of season. Demna, a man from Eastern Europe who knows how difficult life can be, brings us back down to earth and, more precisely, with the Resort 2023 collection takes us back to the officea location that allows him to develop yet another reflection on (unloved) capitalismone of the monsters he fights against by making very expensive fashion for a luxury brand.
Whether we like it or not, one cannot help but work just as one cannot help but stay eight (nine, ten, twelve?) hours within the four walls of the office: we might as well face this daily torture with of a certain weight – so to speak, given that we are dealing with garments in chiffon, fine silk, little legs.

The office wardrobe for Balenciaga

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However, those who expect to find something new in this collection are wrong because the spirit of these creations comes completely from past eras, from wardrobe of career women of the seventies, eighties and nineties, generations of ladies in satin blouses with bow closures, midi dresses with pleated skirts, wide-shouldered blazers, briefcases and high-heeled pumps. Also the office in question is all stained glass windows on the skyscrapers, burl wood desks, corded landlines and paperwork, one scenario that is familiar also to those who work in the digital world as reproduced in hundreds of films and TV series from the second half of the twentieth century. The Balenciaga designer leverages this memory deposited in the depths of the collective consciousness to build in everyone the desire to own something serious to get to workthe outfit that everyone, sooner or later in life, will need.

The all-star campaign


Balenciaga x Adidas, the first images of the highly anticipated collection

A look signature formal in which to invest a fair amount to be crumpled while sitting on the subway or in a wheelchair or, even worse, to be wasted on a day in which a deal goes wrong or concludes little or nothing, as happens at Kidman and Huppertfemale employees/senior managers leading the trio of youngest, the models Bella Hadid and Han So Hee e Khadim Sock, who are also struggling with work-related stress. The campaign of Garde Robe 2023, with photos taken by Joshua Bright, is accompanied by short clips made with the same cast and set in the same context. Too bad that to look at them you have to search online, because Balenciaga’s official social channels are systematically cleaned up of posts with each drop of the brand, a marketing strategy to which fans of the brand are now accustomed.

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