Nicole Kidman’s bomber jacket is the fashion jacket that looks good on everyone

Is this perhaps the Nicole Kidman look more improbable, uncoordinated, unthinkable to go around and become symbolic? The Nicole Kidman bomber jacket padded and soft, only apparently anonymous, ocean grey-green in winter, to protect her during breaks in the set of lioness, the new Paramount+ thriller series that the Oscar-winning actress is filming alongside Zoe Saldana (she will play the head of the CIA). What was there such a simple duvet with the iconic one hundred and eighty centimeters statuesque by Nicole Kidman, tirelessly wavering, champion of dribbling fashion to never remain glued to a single vision/version of herself? A chameleon on and off the set who goes through shocking boots, anti-political suits, country western jeans, dresses that summarize a thousand Hollywood stories.

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This is Nicole Kidman today, this has always been Nicole Kidman. Restless, inconstant, happily random in fishing from the closet, mixing genres and characters. With her, fashion takes on wavering and random paths, never repeatable. Yet somehow Nicole Kidman’s style still retains shreds of her interpretations, especially those of respectable bourgeois ladies, more so than the fatal heroines (Satin of Moulin Rouge). And the Nicole Kidman bomber jacket midi length, easy, infinitely repeatable, it seems to recall the Celeste of Big Little Lies, the Grace of Undoing, the Gretchen of bombshell, even the immense Lucille Ball de About the Ricardoswhich earned her yet another Oscar nomination: it’s the nuances proudly bourgeois of practicality. In the enveloping comfort of Nicole Kidman’s soft duvet, poised between fiction and reality with yet another female character of infinite power, the most beloved Australian pop diva watches the passing of time, pacified after excesses by botox. Sincere, authentic, free.

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