Nicole Kidman’s photo at the Oscars was for Jessica Chastain not Will Smith

It is now known to all that, during the 2022 Oscar ceremony, Will Smith he got on stage and slapped Chris Rock in response to a joke made about actor Jada Pinkett-Smith’s wife. A scene that has unleashed a flood of memes. One of these sees the protagonist Nicole Kidman sitting in the audience, with anguished eyes and a gaping mouth in surprise. A photo then shared thousands of times with captions reporting that it is the actress’s reaction to Will Smith’s live slap to Rock. However, the reality is that Nicole Kidman’s reaction immortalized in the shot is not for Will Smith.

The truth about Nicole Kidman’s reaction (and it has nothing to do with Will Smith!)

So in the photo Nicole Kidman he doesn’t react to the slap but to something else. The photo was taken and posted to Getty Images hours earlier during the first non-televised hour of the craft awards ceremony. The photo was already making the rounds by at least 7:34 ET, 26 minutes before the broadcast began.

The Vulture portal has contacted the photographer of the photo, Myung Chun of the Los Angeles Times, asking if he remembered what Kidman was reacting to; he replied: “Yes, Nicole Kidman’s photo was taken during the non-live broadcast. It seemed like she was thrilled to see Jessica Chastain across the room. Kidman then reached out and waved to her with both hands.” The photographer then added: Shortly thereafter, Chastain came over to say hello to Kidman and her husband Keith Urban“. Well, mystery solved!

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