NIK audited the works at the STH. Marcin Horała refers to the report

The government’s plenipotentiary for CPK Marcin Horała referred to the NIK report. According to the PiS politician, the expenses incurred by the company Centralny Port Komunikacyjny were rational and adequate to the degree of advancement of the investment.

– The fact that in the future there may be some risks related to the fact that the expenses were too high can be said for any investment. The expenses that were incurred, that were actually settled, that could be audited as part of the control, were assessed as made in accordance with the principles of economy, were rational and adequate to the stage of advancement of the investment – said Horała during the Parliamentary Committee on Infrastructure.

The Sejm committee refers to the NIK report on the CPK


In the report of the Supreme Audit Office “identified irregularities in the construction of the CPK, due to the early stage of the investment, have not had negative effects so far”. “However, NIK also identified the risks and threats related to the implementation of the investment: the risk of failure to provide financing in the future for some of the projects planned at further stages of the investment (due to the failure to develop the financial plan of the CPK Program, which would indicate the sources of financing for all undertakings throughout the investment implementation period); the risk of unjustified an increase in the costs of financing tasks in the field of project management (related to planning, at the same time, a significant increase in employment in CTH sp. z oo and employment of an external consultant); high probability that the construction will not be completed within the deadline set in the CPK Concept, i.e. by the end of 2027. (due to the current stage of advancement that differs from the dates indicated therein) “- we read in the report.

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Horała relates to the report

– We will address the risk of financial insecurity by adopting a long-term financial plan for the next stage, the implementation stage, when the advancement of the preparatory stage will be large enough to be able to precisely specify these expenses, to prepare this financial plan – explained Horała.


The politician also added that the investment schedules are constantly updated and analyzed. “We are sticking to the schedules at the moment,” he said.

The Supreme Audit Office showed that the employment level in the CPK company should result from a thorough analysis of human resources needs and the identification of all planned tasks in terms of the manner of their implementation.

– The level of employment in the CPK company, as for the scale of the investment project and the program of the entire portfolio, is radically lower than in similar domestic and international entities, “said Horała. As he said, the cost of the management board’s remuneration in 2021 fell to 1,900 million. PLN thousand, which is a reduction of almost 50% compared to the previous year. “We have reduced the number of board members,” explained the government plenipotentiary for CPK.


Horała also referred to the analyzes of the impact of the pandemic on aviation. – In each of the publicly available reports of various expert institutions, there is not a single one that would state that the date of the aviation market return to the pre-pandemic state will be later than 2027. They all indicate that it will be earlier. Some indicate that 2025; others – 2024, some – 2026 – explained Horała.

– We have ordered another IATA report. We already have the results and they will be made public soon. On this basis, there will be another update of the business plan, another private investor test. So far, all of them show the profitability of this project “- he explained. He added that the maximum technical capacity of the first stage of the new airport is 45 million passengers.




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