Nikola Grbić is the favorite for the position of the coach of the Polish national team. Gino Sirci does not hide his irritation

According to the Italian media, Nikola Grbić will soon be announced as the new manager of the Polish national team. The Serb currently works at the Italian Sir Safety Conad Perugia. The president of the club does not hide his irritation with the confusion around the coach.

Jacek Pawłowski

Jacek Pawłowski

Nikola Grbić

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Until November 20, PZPS was collecting applications for competitions for national team coaches. On December 3, it was announced that four trainers had moved on to the next stage. In the case of the male representation, little is known. Of the six applications, two were rejected. The other coaches will take part in the talks. However, they did not agree to the disclosure of the names.

According to the Italian media, the decision on the selection of the manager of the Polish men’s team has already been made. The successor of Vital Heynen is to be Nikola Grbić, who a few months ago led Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle to the gold of the Champions League. The president of PZPS ensures, however, that the decisive talks are yet to take place.

– I assume that within a few weeks it will be possible to talk to everyone and indicate to the board the candidates among whom the selectors will be selected by voting. Now we will be questioning the final fours. We want to find out what their idea is for our representations. Later, when the favorites of the working groups for the selection of trainers will be known, we would like them to present themselves to the entire management board of the union – said Sebastian Świderski in an interview with our portal.

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Gino Sirci is becoming more and more irritated by the media turmoil surrounding the Serbian trainer. The president of Sir Safety Conad Perugia is a strong opponent of the current coach joining the team and the club. It is influenced, among others, by the experiences from the last months, when the team led Vital Heynen. Ultimately, the Belgian was dismissed before the end of the season due to unsatisfactory results.

– We want Grbić to be focused on our team. I don’t know if he came to an agreement with the Polish federation. All I know is I want a Perugia focused coach. I don’t think he’s having any talks, our contract doesn’t provide for that. Many people call me from Poland to find out something, but I don’t even answer: I’m bored. Last year, Vital Heynen was very busy with his obligations towards Poland. We do not like it – said the president of the Italian team in an interview with Corriere dell’Umbria.

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