Ninel Conde Loses Lawsuit Against Her Ex and They Call Her a Liar

The word of the ‘Bombón Asesino’ was again between said, after he lost the lawsuit for alleged domestic violence

The famous Mexican actress Ninel Conde once again placed herself under the spotlight, but this time it was not her beauty that stole the cameras, but the results of the lawsuit she filed against her former partner came to light.

And it is that the famous singer is once again in the eye of the hurricane, after last November 2020 she denounced her former partner and father of her son, Giovanni Medina, for alleged domestic violence, where she even showed photographs where He had bruises on his face and parts of his body.

However, the judge in charge of the case dismissed his accusations due to the lack of evidence that was presented against the businessman. It was through the Suelta la Sopa program that it was reported that Ninel Conde had lost the lawsuit she had filed against the father of her son.

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Thus, it has not been possible to prove that Giovanni had indeed done what he is accused of, so there were no longer reasons to continue with the process against him.

In an interview made by the entertainment program with Medina’s lawyer, she indicated that: “There were a series of legal lies and criminal law was taken as a means to achieve other ends.”

When ‘El Bombón Asesino’ initially accused the businessman, he himself mentioned that if she retracted everything that was accusing him and asked for a public apology, she would forget everything, however, the singer continued with the lawsuit and now who lost, even Giovanni may be able to counter-sue if he so wishes.

At the moment, Giovanni Median continues to have in his custody Emmanuel, the son he fathered with the interpreter of ‘You put me to sin’, as he has not let me see him for more than a year after rumors of her lack of care for the little one.

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