Ninja Cornered on Fall Guys, Loses Charity Contest

The success of Fall Guys continues uninterrupted. After a stratospheric launch and all the attention channeled into the crazy battle royale; the latest idea proposed by the developers of the title is carrying out a sort of race outside the game. Mediatonic has well thought of doing a fundraiser for charity where anyone who goes to donate the most money will win their own personalized Skin within the title of the moment. Ninja also took part in this initiative.

The well-known streamer recently returned to Twitch, participated with a large donation of $ 200,000 by proposing a Skin for the Fall Guys green beans that incorporates all its characteristics well known to fans. Ninja can already boast of being in Fortnite, another game that has been able to build a resounding success in this generation of video Lucia, with a Skin that totally refers to the streamer in full Fortnite style of course.

But as Fall Guys has taught us in its first few weeks of life, every game cannot be predicted until it is over. In fact, after the donation made by Ninja, a much larger donation from Piques arrived. The influencer has raised the stakes by donating the beauty of 325,000 dollars, and for now it seems to be the one who will receive a personalized Skin within Fall Guys.

At the moment the donation made by Piques is the highest put on the table, but if you want to keep an eye on the progress of this initiative you can do so by visiting the official Fall Guys Twitter page. What do you think of this charity game organized by the guys from Mediacom and Devolver Digital?

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