Ninja Warrior, facing the legends: who is the big winner?

After several weeks of competition, the last candidates still in the running clashed during the Ninja Warrior final, facing the legends, on Friday August 11, 2023 on TF1. Télé Star reveals the name of the big winner today.

Essential program of TF1 for many years already, Ninja Warrior had made its return to the antenna of the first channel on Friday July 7, 2023 in prime time. For this new season, the production had put in place several novelties. “During the qualification course, and this is unprecedented, there will only be novice candidates. Thus 38 men and 10 women who have never participated in Ninja Warrior will face off in a duel during this crucial first stage. These novices all have the same dream: to qualify for the semi-finals in order to face to the legends of Ninja Warrior“, had indicated TF1 in a press release.

“Indeed, for the semi-finals, novice competitors who manage to qualify will face, again in a duel, the emblematic candidates of the previous seasons. They thrilled in front of their exploits, admired their courage, envied their tenacity… From now on, they will face those who wrote the legend of Ninja Warrior, them who have already competed in the Final Course…”, had also added the first string. After several weeks of competition, the grand finale of the game embodied by Denis BrogniartChristophe Beaugrand and Iris Mittenaère was broadcast on Friday August 11, 2023 on TF1. That day, viewers of the first channel were able to attend the coronation of Matthias Noirel.

Ninja Warrior, facing the legends: Matthias Noirel won 60,000 euros

Originally from Cagnes-sur-Mer, this athlete participated in Ninja Warrior for the 4th time. “I lived a special year because for the first time I went to Paris to train in climbing gyms and Ninja Warrior gyms. I also did a lot of international competitions. With Clément Gravier, we went to Dubai where we beat the americans and the prince dubai team“, explained the winner of Ninja Warrior to Tele-Leisure. Matthias Noirel then revealed how he intended to spend his 60,000 euros in earnings. “I will go train in the world and more precisely five months in Hawaii and one month in New York where I will take my darling. It’s going to be awesome. Then, I hope one day to be able to set up a Ninja Warrior hall, but that remains a dream. On the other hand, if Ninja Warrior calls me back, I’ll be right back!“, did he declare.

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