Nintendo Switch, New VR Viewer for Virtual Reality in a Patent


A patent filed by Nintendo reveals a new VR viewer for virtual reality applications on Nintendo Switch: let’s see how the device looks.

Nintendo Switch could see the release of a new VR viewer for virtual reality, according to a patent filed last year by the Japanese company and revealed by Let’s Go Digital.

It is a device very similar to the viewer present in Nintendo Labo – Kit VR, but with a plastic structure instead of a cardboard one. Also, in this case, there is no belt that can anchor the appliance to the face without having to hold it with your hands.

This is not the first patent filed by Nintendo for a VR viewer, and three years ago the designer Antoine Beynel had imagined alternative solutions to improve its ergonomics, with the addition of just a strap that would allow for free hands to grip I Joy-Con.

Such a solution could actually open up to more complex virtual reality experiences than those offered by the aforementioned Nintendo Labo – Kit VR. Will it be in this direction that the Japanese company will move?

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