Nintendo Switch

The English court has ruled that internet providers will have to block access to pirated Nintendo Switch sites.

Nintendo has won: the English court ruled that major Internet providers will block access to the pirate sites of Nintendo Switch.

The ISPs involved are Sky, BT, EE, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media, which basically will have to ‘block or prevent access’ to four reported sites that help in the distribution of pirated games for Nintendo Switch and hardware modification, both at practical, both at the level of advice.

Nintendo is already making arrangements to fix the loophole used to install custom firmware, but the hacking attempts of the Nintendo Switch system software continue.

The English court ruled that the indicted sites violated Nintendo’s copyright with respect to British consumers. Nintendo has declared itself satisfied with the decision to outlaw hardware and software that allow piracy on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo: “This decision will help the English video game industry and more than 1800 developers around the world who are creating games for Nintendo Switch and who rely on legitimate sales to live and continue to produce quality content for gamers.”

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