Nintendo Switch, production uncertain for next year, says president Furukawa –

There production from Nintendo Switch for next year it is uncertain. To say it was the president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, talking about it on the sidelines of the latest financial report of the company, where a decrease in profits of 22.9% was announced for the period from April to June 2022.

By “uncertain production” we mean that Nintendo still does not know how many consoles it will produce in the course of the year and that for now it is sure only of the production of 2022. Of course this is one of the effects of the semiconductor crisiswhich in any case should return in the coming months.

Furukawa: “Thanks to the cooperation with various business partners, we are on track to improve production from late summer. But speaking of sales forecasts of 21 million units for the fiscal year ending March 2023, we’re only certain of this year’s production. Going further, things become uncertain.

Substantially the production of Nintendo Switch will improve for the rest of the year, as already stated in the financial report, but there are still no certain data as regards the next year. Furukawa himself stated that he did not know which components could still be scarce, although he reassured that the three versions of Nintendo Switch (Standard, Lite and OLED) were in stores.

Furukawa then reassured again on the prices of the console, which will remain the same, despite the increase in production costs due to the increase in the prices of materials and shipments. Furukawa: “For the times to come, the OLED model will continue to be less profitable than the others. Logistics costs have undoubtedly increased, and not only by air, but also by sea. We are studying what to do.

The weak yen could be seen as a benefit to Nintendo, as a large chunk of our sales are overseas, but overseas marketing and labor costs have also increased. To remedy this, we are making more inventory purchases in foreign currencies.

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