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Nissan Chill-out – this will be the name of the new electric crossover, which was announced a few months ago. By 2030, the company wants to offer 15 models of electric cars, and in seven years, in 2028, the manufacturer promises to market solid electrolyte batteries (ASSB). P.The quantitative production line of new cells is to start in 2024.

Lots of promises, lots of announcements, where is our Nissan Ariya?

The solid electrolyte cells mentioned by Nissan are to be developed in-house. It makes sense: Nissan already in 2007 co-founded a joint venture called AESC (Automotive Energy Supply Corporation), which has been supplying cells to the Nissan Leaf since 2010. It does not seem that these cells caused any fire, their degradation seems to be slight despite the fact that in the LEAFs they are cooled only passively.

Solid-state cells Nissan is expected to have twice the energy density than typical Li-ion cells with liquid electrolytes. They will allow higher capacities without increasing cars, and they will enable three times shorter charging process. And at the same time, they will cost only $ 65 per kWh, which will make electric cars equal in price to combustion cars.

By 2026, the company aims to achieve a 75 percent share of electrified cars (including pseudo-hybrid, mHEV) and electric cars in Europe. Around 2030, Nissan will have access to 130 GWh of batteries (cells) per year. We only learned about Chill-out that it will be built on the CMF-EV platform, so it will be a close relative of the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric:

Concepts of other cars have also appeared in the last few minutes, all at a similar level of advancement – rendering:

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