Niżny Tagił: Poles apologize for their poor attitude in competitions in Russia

The first World Cup competitions this season took place last weekend in ski jumping. Poles have no reason to be satisfied as they presented themselves below expectations. On Sunday, our representatives they scored only 16 points for the Nations Cup classification.

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The assistant to the head coach of our team, Grzegorz Sobczyk, referred to this situation. – After the first competition of the season, we can only apologize to the fans for what happened. The atmosphere is very good in the group, although it’s stupid to talk about it. Everyone thinks otherwise. I hope it was the last such big accident at work this winter. I have been in the World Cup for several years and I have experienced a lot here. It’s not always beautiful, it’s a sport. It can be really fun in Kuusamo – he admitted in an interview with the portal “”.

In Saturday’s competition they only advanced to the second round Kamil Stoch and Dawid Kubacki. The first of them took the 5th place and saved the honor of Poles in Russia. Kubacki, on the other hand, finished jumping in 13th position. They were not promoted to the second series in turn Piotr Żyła (32), Jakub Wolny (45) and Andrzej Stękała (48).

Unfortunately, it was even worse on Sunday. It is true that two of our jumpers advanced to the finals again, but Piotr Żyła was only sixteenth, and Andrzej Stękała stayed in the 30th place. Kamil Stoch finished 33rd and Dawid Kubacki 35th. Jakub Wolny was 44th. Kamil Stoch finished 33rd, and Dawid Kubacki – 35th. Jakub Wolny was 44.

– I think every player wanted too much. More than ever. Then the legs do not function properly. The jumper bounces with everyone, but not with his legs. The leg is not pushing all the way as it should, and then errors appear. You need more peace and self-confidence, and then everything will certainly work – says Grzegorz Sobczyk.

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