nju mobile gives you PLN 100. How and where to use it?

nju mobile gives you PLN 100.  How and where to use it?

A new promotional campaign has started in nju mobile, in which every customer of the network has a chance to collect PLN 100. The coupon bonus can be used to purchase selected devices, including phones, in the operator’s store.

Network nju mobile prepared a gift for her clients – PLN 100 coupon for selected phones and devices. The bonus amount can be redeemed in the operator’s online store: orange.pl/esklep.

Coupons will be shipped gradually to customers with marketing consents. You can also request a coupon yourself by sending it SMS about the content COUPON under free number 80855. The number of coupons available on request is limited.

The coupon is valid for 7 days from the date of receipt and authorizes you to purchase a phone or device:

  • in installments in the offer without subscription,
  • in installments with Orange subscription (number porting, migration, new number).

When buying a device in installments with an Orange subscription the discount is PLN 120 (PLN 5 x 24 months). The coupon reduces the price of the device, the subscription price remains unchanged.

Each number in the nju mobile offer can receive only one coupon. The operator reserves that it is not possible to purchase a phone or device with a coupon for cash or with a nju mobile subscription.

The action has already started and will last until December 22. It is addressed to clients with experience of min. 6 months.

More info on page https://www.njumobile.pl/kupon and in the regulations:

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Photo source: nju mobile

Text source: Orange Polska

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