NMS – Normandy with Mass Effect will be available again

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November 24, 2021, 21:25

Expeditions return to No Man’s Sky. As part of these time-limited events, we will be able to capture, among other things, the Normandy from Mass Effect.

In March, expeditions came to No Man’s Sky, i.e. limited-time events in which a group of players performs jointly defined tasks. As part of one of them, it was possible to obtain a Normandi spacecraft known from the Mass Effect series. Now it has been announced that this mode will come back into the game.

On the official site No Man’s Sky An entry will appear today that gives an expedition schedule. It is as follows:

  1. Pioneers: November 24, December 7;
  2. Beachhead / Normandy: December 821;
  3. Cartographers: December 22, January 4;
  4. Emergence: January 519.

Those interested in the legendary ship from Mass Effectw get another chance to get it during the second of the above-mentioned expeditions.

To play this game mode, instead of loading an existing save, you will have to select a special option in the game menu. If you don’t have one yet No Man’s Sky, you can now buy this title for 107.49 from the fall sale on Steam. Additionally, it is offered by the Xbox Game Pass service.

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