No betrayal? Shakira’s ex-brother-in-law reveals another reason for the singer and Piqué’s separation

Shakira’s ex-brother-in-law, Roberto Garcia, told the Spanish newspaper ‘EsDiario’ that the Separation of singer and defender Piqué, from Barcelona, would have taken place for financial reasons. The information adds to other versions that point out that the athlete would be unfaithful in the relationship.

According to Roberto, who is the ex-mardio of the singer’s sister, the player would have borrowed money from Shakira for real estate investments, but the singer and her family refused the onslaught. Despite their long relationship, the two were never married on paper and split the bills fifty-fifty, without mixing finances.

– According to what a person very close to them told me, there was an economic problem between the two. They didn’t mix the money and took the family savings by 50%. Shakira is investing in other construction businesses and wanted to have something in the Bahamas or Colombia,” she said.

– Shakira noticed Piqué because she liked him to be the father of her children. She knew that she would never marry him – added the singer’s ex-brother-in-law.

Shakira’s Net Worth
Despite playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world, Piqué has a fortune four times smaller compared to the Colombian who is a world-renowned singer.

According to the website specializing in celebrity wealth, “Celebrity Net Worth”, the singer has a fortune valued at US$ 300 million (about R$ 1.4 billion) and the defender accumulates US$ 80 million (R$ 382 million).

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