No Comparisons! Elizabeth Olsen Doesn’t Want to Be Measured With Her Renowned Sisters

Elizabeth Olsen

“The Scarlet Witch” spent a difficult childhood making her own space.

Actress Elizabeth Olsen is currently one of the most recognized stars in Hollywood, thanks to her appearances in the Marvel Universe, where she played the Scarlet Witch.

However, the 31-year-old star confessed that her childhood was not easy because the fame of her sisters, the unforgettable Olsen twins, overshadowed her and she did not want to be compared to the acclaimed duo.

From an early age, Elizabeth had to learn to deal with the fame of Mary Kate and Ashley, who in the nineties and early 2000s, stood out in television, film, and fashion.

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And is that the twins, began their walk in the artistic world at a very young age, when they participated in the comedy series Full House.

“Wanda Maximoff”  confessed that she never felt comfortable in the shadow of her sisters because she had secondary participation in several of the films they starred.

The model chose to study acting, ballet and even came to attend different musical theater camps. No doubt, she sought to make her name in Hollywood by her own means, and cease to be the shadow of Mary Kate and Ashley.

Without hesitation, when the opportunity came to achieve this, she did not miss it, she took the role of “The Scarlet Witch” or “Scarlet Witch”, a character who turned Elizabeth Olsen into a celebrity, and has given him a place next to him of her sisters, and not behind.



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