No horror film nominations at the Oscars 2023

Also this year the Academy has decided to snub the horror genre and exclude him from the nominations for the 2023 edition of the Academy Awards.

Historically, the Oscars have always had a complicated relationship with horror, just think that only 6 films of this genre have been nominated for best film and only in very rare cases have the statuettes been awarded for acting performances, such as for example Kathy Bates in “Misery must not die” in 1991, or surprise screenplay credits for “Escape – Get Out” in 2018 and “The Exorcist” in 1974.

Never, however, as in the course of 2022 has horror seen a large production of successful films both at the box office and with critics, such as for example “Barbarian”, “Smiley” And “The Black Phone”. That’s why the decision not to name any of these films seems questionable.

Among the interpretations of 2022, Rebecca Hall in its heartbreaking part in “Resurrection” once again proved his talent while Ralph Fiennes in “The Menu” he confirms his charismatic qualities by maintaining the whole film almost alone. If then the exclusions of Maika Monroe for “Watcher” And Justin Long in “Barbarian” while recording the best performances of their careers, it is absurd not to find a nomination for My Goth in “Pearls”.

The horror film “Terrifer 2” deserved an Oscar nomination in 2023

In animation there should have been room for a particular project in the horror genre: “Mad God” for the direction of Phil Tippett. However, it is understandable to understand why the ambitious film made with the stop-motion technique did not pass the cut for a category typically destined for other themes.

Terrifier 2 it was the real horror event in 2022: Art the Clown has become an iconic character and the make-up deserved a mention in the make-up and hairstyling category. Terrifier 2 has exceeded all expectations of collection after the success of the first volume of the saga realizing a sum 30 times higher than the production costs.

Then we come to the great excluded, “Nope” by Jordan Peele which, although it does not contain the stylistic features of the horror genre, can be counted as an example in a modern key and would have deserved the nomination at least for the screenplay and photography.

Better then to turn your attention to ceremonies that reward specialists in the sector. It is the case of Fangoria Chainsaw Awards which have been awarding prizes for the best horror productions since 1992. Every single ceremony includes all the most significant horror films of the past year, without ever leaving out any worthy projects. For example last year’s top 4 awards included “Malignant”, “Fear Street 1666”, “PG: Psycho Goreman” And “Titans”.

And you, what do you think about the lack of nominations of horror at the Oscars 2023? Write a comment!

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