“No, I’m not going in!”: Luka, you’re not the only one, but the consequences are never trivial

Here is Jovic and his brothers. The choice of the Serbian is not that unusual, but the consequences have never been positive

There Fiorentina he beat the Veronabut without Luka’s help Jovic. In fact, the Serbian was preferred Kouamè which started from the first minute. The former real Madrid however, it was part of the plans of Italian, who in the second half was determined to field him. Well, which did not happen due to the will of the player himself, who declined the offer of the viola coach using the not full physical condition as justification. He was a choice that, of course, caused a lot of discussion. Starting from what happened, let’s go over all the similar cases, discovering different and particular reasons, but with always similar consequences.

The Serbian’s gesture joins many similar cases, which, however, do not have positive conclusions, quite the contrary. As for Serie A, the case in question is famous Diego Forlan. Inter-Atalanta, Ranieri on the San Siro bench, he calls the Uruguayan to let him in instead of Obi. Nothing to do, Forlan refuses because of the … role! Considered not suitable for his characteristics. Ranieri will praise the sincerity of the winger, but the adventure at Inter did not continue in an exalted way. Also Panucci he was the protagonist of two similar gestures, first with Hair and then with Spallettialways with the shirt of Rome. The defender, due to his failure to start from the first minute, decided in both cases to refuse entry into the field. For him too, it was a break with his own society. Abroad the case of Diarra with the real Madridwho said “no” to the choice of Mourinho because of only 3 minutes at the end of the match. Or, it is often recalled, also the behavior of Tevez who did not listen to Roberto Mancini at the time of Manchester City. In both cases, the relationship between the players and their coaches reached a break. In short, Luka Jovic he was not the only one and will not be the last, but the consequence of his action may not be so slight. At least looking at the past. Now the ball passes to Italian.

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