no more Botox! Here is the recipe for her natural facelift to do at home

Britney Spears, pop star, is currently 41 years old. Like all stars, she wants to keep her physique and her image as much as possible. To do this, like many other celebrities, she, of course, repeatedly resorted to Botox.

In fact, the singer is a regular at Botox injections and other cosmetic surgery practices. Only today, she made some amazing revelations about it on her Instagram account where she usually confides in her fans. She would no longer like to use Botox to smooth her facial features, make a few wrinkles disappear or slightly puff out her lips. She even goes so far as to sayIt’s time to put an end to these practices that she now considers “horrible”.

Britney Spears quits Botox and reveals her new beauty secret

From now on, the star seems to want to radically stop Botox injections. She considers them “awful” but also too expensive. Moreover, she says she has never been completely satisfied. She testifies on her Instagram account: “For probably 10 to 15 years I didn’t have mine done properly. And what about the times when one eyebrow is raised and the other is lowered? I wasn’t even presentable for at least two weeks. (…) I looked like someone who had just been beaten”.

This is how she recently revealed her latest beauty ally with a lifting effect. On her Instagram account, we see the singer with a silicone patch from the SiO Beauty brand placed on her forehead. An accessible solution that allows everyone to afford an almost natural lift.

A much less expensive and practical technique than Botox

SiO Beauty is an American brand created by Gigi Howard and specialized in the sale of patches and treatments dedicated to the beauty of the face and body. It offers all sorts of alternatives. to smooth and tighten wrinkles (face, neck and décolleté), puffiness and dark circles. Of course, the advantage is also not to need recourse to the services of a specialist.

The brand was surprised and certainly delighted with this unexpected publicity effect. She has already shared her post and she already announces Britney Spears as a big fan of their products.

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A new lifting technique without Botox

The advantage of Sio Beauty patches is their price but also the fact thatare much healthier than Botox injections. Sio Beauty patches have been clinically shown to produce real skin transforming results. The patches have been dermatologist approved. They use the healing power of medical grade silicone to restore moisture to the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The patches are said to be safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Even pregnant or breastfeeding women could use it according to Sio Beauty. Many celebrities and influencers are already followers. And you, will you be next? Bye-bye Botox?

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