“No need to talk”, De Laurentiis intercepted as he left the stadium

No need to speak, De Laurentiis intercepted as he left the stadium

After the victory against Torino, the president of the Naples Aurelio De Laurentiis congratulated the team in the locker room. Intercepted by Canale 8 as he left the stadium, a few brief words of comment: “There is no need to speak“.

Naples Turin: Spalletti conference

Luciano’s press conference Spalletti post Naples Turin. At the end of the eighth day of Serie A Naples Turinspeaks in conference LUkrainian Spalletti after the match of the Serie A calendar FootballNaples24 there live conference by Spalletti.

Naples Turin: Spalletti in Press conference after the Serie A match. Here is what was reported by CalcioNapoli24:

“De Laurentiis in the changing rooms? I don’t know, I greeted him in my locker room. The end of the game, everyone inside was very happy. We participated in the joy of the players and then I went to my closet and I stayed there, I don’t know what happened. “

Spalletti Naples Turin
Spalletti conference Naples Turin

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