No petrol and stations in the dark, the expensive effect of fuel and bills. Managers: “Choked by the increases”

“Urgent action to block the increase in fuel prices or we will be forced to close.” The appeal comes directly from Faib-Confesercenti (category that brings together the owners of refueling stations) which, as a result of the exorbitant rise in the price of fuel, has asked for support from the government, the parliamentarians of the territory and all institutions to implement actions aimed at remedying the crisis in which the sector has crashed. “We are in an unsustainable situation with the rise in fuel prices and the rise in energy costs – explains Claudio Marraghinipresident of Faib-Confesercenti Arezzo – To understand the extent of the problem, just think that the profit for every thousand liters of fuel supplied is 35 euros. Faced with low revenue margins, we are seeing a doubling, if not tripling, of operating costs. Utilities have skyrocketed. The costs for lighting and managing the system are now unsustainable, so much so that we are thinking of switching off or reducing the lighting during the night on a self-service basis “.

In Arezzo the methane car has reached 3 euros: the prices

A difficult condition for which, as requested by the category, urgent action is needed to block the increase in fuel prices and the increase in energy costs. “Managers are throttled by fuel increases and running costs – confirms Marraghini – In the past year we have seen an unstoppable increase in costs of around 20% which, since the conflict in Ukraine broke out, is undergoing a real surge. In these last hours, the prices charged are absolutely unsustainable for managers, hauliers, citizens and for all other economic activities. We consider it absolutely necessary an extraordinary and urgent intervention by the government to which we have asked the opening of a crisis table at the ministry, the immediate sterilization of VAT on fuel prices, to ensure that any increase is not burdened. even 22% of VAT. Among the urgent measures requested is the tax credit on the excess of the electricity surcharge compared to the average paid in 2019, the 100% reduction of expenses for electronic transactions in favor of banks and circuits. The appeal is also made to oil companies and private network operators, who were asked to review / breakdown the table of operating costs, an additional two days of deferral in the payment of fuel and a support intervention on electricity costs. In the absence of immediate responses, the alternative is not to be able to guarantee the smooth running of the business. For this reason, in respect of the dramatic situation, we reserve the right to evaluate, together with the other two federations of managers, any protest initiative, in order to protect the companies represented “.

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