“No risk factors, my partner died of a Covid-19, the 43-year-old” – Marie Claire Magazine

Fernanda and Cesar (Photo by: personal Collection)

Fernanda and Cesar (Photo by: personal Collection)

“I do not need the time to know the Man. So I guess I do it a couple of decades ago. The brother of a school classmate, and he and his first mate were very good friends of my father. During this time, we have had times apart, but always joined in the life of another in some way. It was in celebration of my first marriage, I went to the birthday of his daughter, who is now 15 years old, and the list goes on.

A few years ago, I was going. During the wedding, I had a great relationship with my then-husband and their two amazing boys, and Gustavo and Beatriz, who is now 11 and 7 years old. But I felt the need to be alone, and to our union, it no longer made sense, so to speak. And there was a good amount of time single and enjoy nightlife. It was then that we reunited with. Caesar, also, separately, is now part of the group of friends with whom I go out to have a good time. When he began to paint in a different mood, he took the initiative to call me to dinner. I was afraid, I didn’t want to compromise our friendship. But I ended up running into, and for a year or so, we started dating.

The drawing made by Betty, she was the daughter of Fernanda, and that includes Caesar's family (Photo: personal Collection)

Nina with their two children and Caesar, in the design of the Betty’s (Photo: personal Collection)

I had never felt so loved. Caesar was a very fun, kind, and very much alive, even though it was for his business, often work late into the night. But curtíamos together, and we had a relationship established, which included the peaceful co-existence and friendship with our children, and Luara, his ex-wife, a lawyer like me and a best friend to him. It was also who encouraged him to invest in our relationship with you.

A few months ago, and he told me that it is in the middle of June we had a road trip. Not to me, ” said destiny, but he asked me to cook it and it said that it would be out of the country. We were talking about this a little bit before the last time we saw him, almost two weeks ago, when we decided to go into isolation.

Cesar came to my house on the night of the 18th of march, on a Wednesday. The day before I was relieved of my staff, for all of us to work from home, and my children, who have not been to school, and they were with him. We followed that situation through the news media, with particular attention paid to the account of a friend of his who was admitted to the hospital at the time, with a suspicion of a Covid-19. For one moment, however, we are concerned with one fact: since the days of 16, Bill was coughing and had some fever and. And it’s our quiet time was not due to carelessness. When he started showing symptoms, he went to see a doctor. He chose a private clinic to prevent the environment from a hospital, supposedly the most dangerous. There’s a cough that was diagnosed as an allergy, it may result in a sinus. The treatment was an antibiotic.

The following week, my children would come to the house of his father, to be with me. They would arrive on Tuesday, and, as the counter seemed to not give in and is now accompanied by a pain in his chest, and Caesar thought it best to go back to his house. This Monday, the 23rd of march was the last day that we had ever seen in person, that I’m fully committed to my boyfriend, and I left not knowing what would happen next. On the third morning, he decided to go back to the doctor. I had spent the previous night sleeping because of the pain in the chest, were in a permanent sense-of-lack-of-air –as he told me, while I was driving to the hospital, in São Luís, in São Caetano do Sul.

There Caesar had to be admitted immediately to the ICU. Even so, he called to me, soothing. He said that it would be this way, because there is a suspicion of a Covid, 19th -, and that only the urgent cases were being tested. That night, we still talk about the video. He had a catheter in his nose to help with breathing, but it seemed to be the best. I thought I’d go up there, but no one to visit, or a companion was not allowed. The direction of the hospital, it was that we wait for the news. They connect informing them of the status of the patient, as they had news.

One of the siblings of Cesar has created a group chat with the other brother of them, to me and Luara. For us on the night, in search of news, and there we shared all the updates and have a lot of hope. After all, my boyfriend was not a member of any of the at-risk group. He didn’t smoke, had no co-morbid conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity, and it would have been 44 years old on the 3rd day of April,. I had it as a hobby, to fly the cars at Interlagos.

On Wednesday morning, he called me. It had deteriorated a lot. He coughed so much, that we decided to only communicate through text messages. The night had been bad, he could feel each and every time, pain in the chest, shortness of breath. We have talked about it for the last time in the same day, at around lunch time, when Cesar told me that it would be a couple of days without any news, because it would be on life support. ‘Improve more quickly’, he said, in attempt to calm down. Then he asked me not to cry and that he needed me to know that, in the event the worst happens, he wants his ashes to be thrown at the Three.

I came into the world. I wanted to convince myself that there was no chance for him to die. To Me, based on everything that we have seen, the information made available on this at-risk group. To this day, it is the result of the examination for the Covid-19 had not yet gone out. But his lungs were compromised to a level, that treatment was as if it was a confirmed infection by a coronavirus. I went to fire friends, medical doctors, and is willing to listen to anything that you rescued your confidence in his recovery. Not that I’m saying that the procedures were fair, were trying to calm me down because he was in a hospital that had a good structure, and a respirator and medication to handle your case. But on Monday, the 30th of march, a little after you see the confirmation of the disease, and Caesar could not resist, and he left us.

I can remember every detail of that day. The hospital, which is connected with the news on a daily basis, in that second it took. Around 16h40, I started to call them. The first was not answered. Then, on two separate occasions, my call was transferred to the intensive care unit, but no one answered as well. I have expressed my concern to our group about 17h25. At around 18 o’clock, Luara had received a call from the hospital asking for a family member to be there. As it is, a baby is born, she begged me to give any information because he couldn’t move. Said, that he was injured seriously in the kidney, and, more than that, you would only be able to tell in person. But it’s still believed that he was alive. One of my brothers-in-law was there, and then we learned how to: (a) to 16h50 Caesar had been killed.

We were not able to leave. There was no funeral or any of that kind of prayer. I could not even get a hug from my mom or a friend, as we were caught up in the day that it came out of the house so as not to spend what she thought was a cold as a result of simple one for my kids, who are going through so much pain. I am a potential carrierfor , so to speak.

Since then, I can’t see the floor. I lost the one love of his life. In the discussions on the consolarmos, Luara has made clear to me what would be the destination of the trip, we wanted to do in a few months, the Las Vegass. He told her that he would marry me there. When we think of the future, and really, I would say that you are only going to be married again, if I were in Vegas…

It hurts very, very, very, very, very much. And I was even more distraught when I realized that he had been released by the Department of Health as to whether he / she had an illness, pre-existing, that is not the case. Many of you ask if I think I can get it. And I am sincere. I think it is very unlikely to have caught it as well. Trying to find explanations for everything, and I think that, perhaps, is the fact that I take vitamins, and do the exercises… some of These might have made a difference for me. But I’ll never know. I have spent all of those days without feeling anything, no symptoms at all apart from a deep sadness. At this point, the only thing that hurts me in the chest and steals the air, your heart is completely torn to pieces.”

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