No season 5 for “Manifest”, but an actor wants a spin-off

Part 2 of season 4 of Manifest is available on netflix since June. The platform had already confirmed that it would be the final season and that there would be no season 5 for Manifest. The series won over audiences with a gripping plot. Everyone was eager to know the end of the adventures of the Stones. To the delight of fans, the main actor insinuated in an interview the possibility of a spin-off for the series. Find out the details.

Manifest season 5: no sequel planned

There is no suspense for the continuation of Manifest. netflix announced that there will be no more season 5 in the series worn by Melissa Roxburgh who plays Inspector Mick Stone. This series created by Jeff Rake was broadcast on NBC for three seasons. But the chain canceled the series for lack of budget. Jeff Rake appealed to fans to find another home for the series.

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Very quickly, the hashtag #SaveManifest took over social media. Writer Stephen King even got into it. After negotiations, the series Manifest is resumed on netflix for a fourth and final season of 20 episodes. Overall, the series Manifest has 62 episodes of 40 to 50 minutes each.

The story begins with a plane crash in April 2013 on flight 828 from Jamaica to New York. The 190 passengers are presumed dead for five years, before being found. As they try to fit into society, they realize that their life is no longer the same as before. They have hallucinations and witness supernatural phenomena. Although the narration may seem complex and difficult to follow, at the end of the series, we realize that each of the elements had its place in the puzzle.

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The final episode of Manifest season 4

Season 4 of Manifest has 20 episodes presented in two parts. The final episode answers all the questions raised in the series. When the fateful date came, Cal, the son of Ben Stone, used his power to reunite the passengers of flight 828. It’s time for the final judgment, the passengers will realize that their every action will have an impact on the outcome of judgment by Divine Consciousness.

They pass in turn in front of the Divine Consciousness. At the end of judgment, the good survived, while the wicked perished. The plane ended up landing in New York on April 7, 2013, the original date of their landing. Everyone survived except for those who succumbed to the judgment of Divine Consciousness. All this history has allowed passengers to get to know each other better and to appreciate life as it should be.

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Reviews of the series

For the public, the reviews of the series are rather positive. On Google, the series obtains a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5, the public appreciates the script, but also the acting. The press is tougher washington post compares the series to a pale copy of Lost, The Hollywood Reporter deplores the lack of charisma of the actors. For Le Figaro And The Parisianthe plot is well done, but the actors are not up to par.

Manifest season 5: a spin-off idea

There will be no season 5 in Manifest, but Josh Dallas, the interpreter of Ben Stone in the series, thought of a spin-off. Ben Stone is one of the main characters in the series. An outstanding mathematician, he has a Cartesian mind and tries to decipher puzzles logically. For the actor, Manifest has potential, since the end allows you to start from scratch.

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The actor thought of several possible scenarios, including a trip to the future where Eden is 21 years old, a future in which the youngest passengers have grown up, or even returning to 2013 and going deep into the investigations. Josh Dallas would be happy to be able to play his character again in a spin-off of the series. He even thought about the evolution of Ben Stone, learning from the mistakes of his past. netflix has not yet spoken on the subject, but such a project would be good news for fans of the series.


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