“No to war”. From Abramovich’s daughter to the ‘Russian Paris Hilton’

The daughters of the Russian oligarchs they don’t fit. On their social networks the number of dissidents thick, a war in Ukraine that does not seem to be shared by many. Not just anymore Elizaveta Peskova, whose father is the Tsar’s spokesperson, but the list gets longer every day. The illustrious defectionsin influential families, they continue to grow.

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Elizaveta was one of the first to lash out against war in Ukraine. Putting family affairs on the back burner, she has on her Instagram profile forcefully attacked the invasion of Ukraine. They seemed the consequence of an emotional wavethe first “No to war»Written on social media by the daughters of the Russian oligarchs. Instead, the opposites increase day by day. In fact, two of the most famous heirshow Sofia Abramovichknown for posting every detail of hers on Instagram sumptuous lifeand Elizaveta Peskova herself, eldest daughter of powerful Dmitryspokesman for Vladimir Putin, had immediately canceled their position on the web.

But now the illustrious defections are increasing. By making the world perceive that these high-ranking rebellions they are the mirror of what Russian citizens feel. They certainly do not reflect Russian society, just look at the standard of living of the daughters in question to understand the distance that separates them from Russian daily life, but they reflect the common thinking of a country that in 15 days was cut off from the world.

Here are the other important defections that in a few hours were added to the appeals launched by the two heiresses. The first is surely Ksenija Sobchakpopular television host state and Instagram, the official profession influencerdefined until recently the Russian Paris Hilton because of his not exactly sober lifestyle. Once, twice, three times against the war, with statements, posts and applause to the mother, the senator Lyudmila Narusovaone of the two members of the Duma to have expressed his opinion opposition to the “special military operation”. “I’m proud of her,” Ksenija said. Also from Moscow, where she still resides. Her father was the former mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchakwho passed away in 2000, none other than the man under whose wing Putin and his now former alter ego grew up, the ever loyal Dmitry Medvedev.

But the same goes for Maria Yumasheva, who now has little Russian, having been born in London 19 years ago, with an Austrian passport and then a Russian passport. But she is still the oligarch’s daughter Valentin Yumashev, a real estate branch, owner of a large part of the city of Moscow, as well as grandson of Boris Yeltsin, who was Putin’s mentor and main sponsor, even if the relations between the two families often run on alternating current. In 2000, Tatjana, Maria’s mother, was removed by the Kremlin staff to make room for Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman who then began his not only political rise, and who today also finds himself struggling with a rebellious daughter.

Illustrious dissidents, so. Why linked by blood ties with the most important men in Russia who owe their assets, also and above all to Putin. And these social messages of theirs could start undermine that solidity and security flaunted by Vladimir Putin in his declarations to the world and its people.

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