No, what you see in the Rebel Moon trailer isn’t a lightsaber, but it has something to do with Star Wars.

Zack Snyder’s upcoming intergalactic tale Rebel Moon for Netflix is ​​an open secret and largely inspired by Star Wars. His new sci-fi series for this platform, at first glance, has many similarities to the space movies George Lucas created, including droids, lasers in his pistol, and lightsaber-like swords. But it wasn’t until we saw the trailer Netflix just released that we realized how similar Rebel Moon’s weapons are to those in the Star Wars movies. Is it a ‘lifetime’ lightsaber that we see in the ‘Rebel Moon’ trailer?

The answer is no. ‘Rebel Moon’ weapon is a sword instead of a traditional lightsaber Not only does this transform into a lightsaber in combat, but it also works as a practical weapon even when the laser is off.

The weapons in “Rebel Moon” don’t have official names (at least for now), but they are swords of some sort, not lightsabers in the literal “Star Wars” sense. Located in a galaxy far, far away, the lightsaber is a weapon composed of pure energy generated by Kyber crystals. Press the button on the handle to turn it on. This means that the lightsaber is retracted into the hilt when not in use. However, the weapon in the Netflix movie looks like a regular sword, but transforms into a lightsaber during combat.

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In fact, one notable difference between the “Rebel Moon” lightsaber and the “Star Wars” lightsaber is the appearance of the blade itself. The lightsaber has a more rounded look. “Rebel Moon” is heavily influenced by “Seven Samurai”, and the Japanese influence is noticeable in the weapon design.. In any case, what they have in common is that they are both available in a variety of colors (merchandising should be considered). The Rebel Moon trailer confirms at least two weapons in different colors, red and blue.

It is known that the similarities between lightsabers and lightsabers are no coincidence. Zack Snyder originally developed the movie ‘Rebel Moon’ as a ‘Star Wars’ project‘. Years ago, the filmmaker pitched Lucasfilm for a Star Wars movie inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, but the studio ultimately decided not to make it. It was determined. Rather than completely forgetting the idea, Snyder reworked various parts of the storywith new locations and new mythologies, ‘Rebel Moon’ could exist in its own universe, alien to the Disney franchise.

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Zack Snyder’s plans for an ambitious new series on Netflix begin with two films shot together. “Level Moon Part 1: Fire Girl” (released December 22, 2023), “Level Moon Part 2: Warrior who leaves traces” (released April 19, 2024), with room for more sequels and spin-offs if successful. The main plot is about a revolution rising against oppressive galactic powers. Do you mean you remember something?

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