Noah Lyles, a runner in the 100m and 200m, is working hard

Noah Lyles celebrates his victory in the 200m final at the London Meetings on July 23, 2023.

Since the retirement of Usain Bolt in 2017, athletics has been on the lookout for a successor to the sprint king. Some have taken advantage of the power vacuum to shine here or there, like Italian Lamont Marcel Jacobs, the surprise Olympic champion in the 100m in Tokyo in 2021, or American Fred Kerley, who was directly awarded the world title in Eugene. (Oregon) in 2022. But, until then, none had managed to establish a dominance similar to that enjoyed by Jamaica for a decade.

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The one who came closest to it is American Noah Lyles. But he has so far only done so half-heartedly. Because the 26-year-old Floridian has focused exclusively on the 200m, of which he is the current double world champion, neglecting the 100m, which remains the queen discipline. A shortcoming he decided to make up for at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, where he will compete this time in the two shortest start events, which will take place on Saturday 19 August and Sunday 20 August.

In early July, during the Trials – the United States Championships in which the first three in each discipline win their qualification for major international competitions – Noah Lyles, due to his status as the defending champion, already competed in the 200 m in Hungary. Had to fight directly for his place. he finished at 3I, in 10 seconds, behind Crevant Charleston and Christian Coleman. To dream of victory or the world stage, you have to move fast.

The winner of the 100m at the Paris stage of the Diamond League in June, the sprinter told World Of its belief in this unprecedented twin project: “I am doing better than other years. , This season, Lyles has run twice as many sprints shorter than half a lap. “I want to do as many reps as possible in the 100m so that I can be comfortable running. 200m has become natural to me, like automatism, He analyzes. My 100m running is still not as consistent as I would like. This is what I want to work on this year. And it’s good to have more schedule in my schedule. ,

“First the medal, then the record”

In early June, on Usain Bolt’s land, Noah Lyles distinguished himself by breaking the Kingston meeting record over 200 meters in 19 seconds 67s. The young American was welcomed, almost dubbed, by the former champion in the no-nonsense, came down the track to recite some encouraging words to him. “It was a good moment. He came to congratulate me, He says. He told me to be who I am and not let anyone stop me. ,

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