Nobody knows, but here’s how much honey you can eat if you have diabetes

The honey is it recommended for diabetes sufferers? Here is the expert’s answer.

Honey has a glycemia of 55, compared to that of sugar which is 61. In theory it is more recommended, a study shows that when you take honey, your blood sugar peaks and then falls and stabilizes. So in theory it could be recommended, let’s see why.

Obviously it is not certain that everyone can take it, but the situation can vary from case to case, always better to speak to a general practitioner.

The properties of honey

It has 304 calories per 100 grams of product, basically divided into 18 g of water, 0.6 g of protein, 80 g of carbohydrates of which all are sugars and then small amounts of calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B2, vitamin B3 and vitamin C. Although its properties have always been praised, and actually contains healthy minerals and vitamins that can be good for the body, is mostly composed of sugars.


Honey brings many benefits to the body as it is rich in minerals and also works as a natural antibiotic.

In theory, honey can provide various benefits to many organs and tissues in the body; however, scientific research has not always succeeded in demonstrating such effects. In summary, honey could benefit:

  • Respiratory tract: warm water and honey can cure coughs and eliminate mucus
  • Muscles: increase in physical power and endurance
  • Heart: moderates everything concerning the cardiac system
  • Liver: it is an excellent natural detoxifier
  • Stomach: protects the whole system and stimulates digestion
  • Kidneys: stimulates diuresis and eliminates toxins
  • Bone: fixation of calcium and magnesium in the bones

In addition to taking into account its glycemic index, one must evaluate and be careful of ingested amount of this sweetener. Therefore it could be an excellent substitute because it has more macronutrients than sugar which has 0. But you have to be careful with the quantities!

I study

According to some studies, it has been revealed that it may actually bring some benefit to people with diabetes. In fact, the researchers noted that honey probably brings a natural rise in blood insulin levels to diabetic patients. In practice, after taking, the glucose in the blood rises a lot and then stabilizes.

In addition, another test conducted on 50 candidates suffering from type 1 diabetes, it appears that honey, compared to sugar, had a lower glycemic effect on all participants. It also has increased their C-peptide levels, a substance released into the bloodstream when the body produces insulin. A normal level of C-peptide indicates that the body is producing enough insulin.

These studies are still ongoing, but for the moment it can at least be established that may be more suitable than sugar.

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