Nobody wants Uncharted on PC, it’s the worst launch of a PlayStation title

Uncharted landed on PC with the collection Legacy of the Thieveswhich brings Nathan Drake’s latest adventures to other platforms.

Not before you’ve also made a pass up PlayStation 5 obviously, with a dedicated version that you can buy on Amazon at the best price.

A completely understandable move given the results of stocks such as God of Warthe sequel of which is coming to consoles with its load of preliminary spoilers.

The premises for the return of Uncharted on PC they were also good because, at least by the minimum and recommended requirements, there was the hope for a great port.

But as it turns out, maybe the PC community wasn’t hearing that much the need to play Uncharted: Collect the Legacy of Thieves.

As reported VGCin fact, that of Uncharted on PC it was the worst launch of an exclusive PlayStation landed on this market.

The data tracker SteamDB reveals that the landing of Nathan Drake on PC has conveyed a maximum number of 10,851 players last weekend.

A much smaller number compared to other PlayStation games that have come to PC in recent years.

Horizon Zero Dawn debuted on Steam peaking around 56,000 playerswhile Marvel’s Spider-Man with approx 66,000 players. The already mentioned God of War did even better by reaching around 73,000 playersand also Days Gone drew around 27,000 players in the first weekend after publication.

It is not easy to understand the reason for such a debacleexcept that the period in which it came out is crowded with other very important titles on the other platforms.

It should also be said that Uncharted 4 is dated 2016, and is the oldest title among those that PlayStation has proposed on PC in recent times, then perhaps less attractive for users.

At this rate it is unlikely that too the old ones Uncharted can land on Steaman already remote possibility of its own due to objective technical limits.

Which then, in the end, Uncharted it is better on console or PC? Here is the comparison with which to definitively answer this question.

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