Nobody will get such a bonus in the Polish volleyball team. A special request from a new trainer

The Italian, who made a huge sensation at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, fighting for the bronze medal from the South Korean national team, also leads the Igor Gorgonzola Novara club in the Italian league. This team is considered to be one of the best in the world. Lavarini is a new quality for Polish volleyball players: they find one of the hottest names in the entire global coaching market.

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“I hope Grbić will take the boys to fight for the highest goals”

Lavarini is the coach of the volleyball team. Jagieło: I am glad that the choice fell on him

– In his adventure, he has already cooperated with young players, and looking at our team, we have a young and perspective squad there – described Lavarini by Aleksandra Jagieło, who chaired the commission selecting the volleyball players’ coach. – In addition, he reached fourth place with the Korean team at the Tokyo Olympics, where they had basically only one outstanding, very famous player on the team, and the rest were just solid. There were a lot of these factors and I am personally glad that the choice fell on coach Lavarini – said the former player.

Sebastian Świderski and Nikola GrbićOnly one man opposed to Grbić in Poland. “He’s ready for the consequences”

A unique bonus for the volleyball team coach in the case of gold in Paris. “We signed with both hands”

What was the selection? – We negotiated with the final four until the end. We had interviews with these trainers, and then each of us on the committee had some types. However, Lavarini’s candidacy was unanimously elected, Jagieło revealed. And what did Italy want in Poland? – Stefano needs one statistician of his own and one assistant, he did not hide it. We want young Polish trainers who will be able to develop there. We don’t know who they will be yet. We focused on the selection of coaches, now we will certainly make further decisions, including those regarding the composition of the staffs – indicated the former Polish representative.

It turns out that Lavarini also has one very interesting wish included in the contract. – The only negotiation for him was really the question of winning the gold medal at the Olympics in Paris. There, indeed, he asked for a little more. If there is an opportunity, no problem. We signed with both hands. If it happens, we will gladly pay this money – said the president of the Polish Volleyball Federation, Sebastian Świderski, after the announcement of the selection of both coaches.

Poles got to know the schedule of matches at the volleyball World Cup 2022Volleyball players have a new manager. “He performed the greatest miracle in Poland”

The home world championship is the first goal of the volleyball team. “I believe that by then a team will be formed that will fight”

The first event at which we will look at the result of the national team will definitely be the world championships, because we play them at home, they come quickly and it is difficult, so that we do not want to do well. Result goal? It is definitely difficult: the trainer will meet the girls in May and it is not much time to even get to know each other. But I believe that by then you will create a team that will fight and show that you can do a lot. It is known that everyone would like medals, but you need to create a team that will have a perspective on it, and only then think about winning the most important scalps – assessed Aleksandra Jagieło.

Nikola GrbićPolish volleyball players like hussars? This is what Grbić’s staff should look like. “You know who I’m talking about”

Will Joanna Wołosz and several other important players who we did not observe in the game during the last weeks of Jacek Nawrocki’s work return to the team? – Yes. Another of the factors determining the choice of the coach was the fact that the players will want to play in this national team. That they will fight for a place in it, and not give it up, will feel disappointed if it turns out that they will not be in the team. I hope that the lack of such players in the team will not be taken into account at all – said Jagieło.

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