Noemi before and after the diet and the other VIPs. The secret? Sport but not just Cook

Healthy nutrition, movement And mental health care they are the perfect combo for a long and happy life and the radical change of the Roman singer-songwriter Noemi yet another proof: he lost fifteen kilos in a year and a half starting a real path of rebirth thanks to the Meta method (Medical Educational Transform Action). a holistic method based on the principle that overweight and obesity are determined by a set of factors, ranging from incorrect eating habits to aspects such as anxiety and stress, and helps the patient to regain psychophysical well-being through balanced diet, movement, psychological support, nutritional and aesthetic re-education. Lost weight? No, I’m back as skinny as I always was. In between, I was gaining weight from stress I couldn’t handle, she said Noemi in a long interview with the weekly TODAY, telling of the road that led her to a new, more fulfilling, pleasant and serene life. I changed the balance, put me at the center, continued the artist, who in recent weeks on the crest of the wave with his new single Hula Hoopwho sings in tandem with the Roman singer-songwriter Carl Brave. The story of him is making school: it speaks of the importance of awareness and love for oneself, proof that the health of the body also passes from that of mind and viceversa. And if the example of him, which is the most recent and continues to be talked about also for the incredible results achieved, is now the most popular, not the only one: there are many famous people who have had to face overweight problems and they solved them by starting to eat in a healthy and balanced way e doing a lot of sport. Here are some examples.

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