Non-salaried work permit in CdMx: How to process it and requirements

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Are you a mariachi, a carpenter, a photographer or a salesman? The government of Mexico City grants a special permit to all persons seeking perform a non-salaried job in the capital of the country, which processes before the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion.

According to dependency, ehe Non-salaried work is a personal service what can be offered accidentally or occasionally through financial compensation. We tell you what you need to acquire the permit and how to process it.

Who can be considered non-salaried workers?

According to the Regulation (article 3), the following are workers and non-salaried workers:

  • Shoe cleaners.
  • Stevedores, maneuverers and classifiers of fruits and vegetables.
  • Mariachis.
  • Musicians, troubadours and singers.
  • Organ grinders.
  • Street artists.
  • Plumbers, tinsmiths, sharpeners and auto body repairers.
  • photographers.
  • Typists.
  • Hairdressers.
  • Masons.
  • Shoe repairmen.
  • painters.
  • Auxiliary workers of the pantheons.
  • Caretakers and vehicle washers.
  • Buyers of various objects and ayateros.
  • Sellers of lottery tickets, out-of-date publications and magazines.

What documents do you need?

You must also presentlegal personality accreditation documents, which can be:

  • Physical persons: Power of attorney signed before two witnesses with ratification of the signatures before a Notary Public – Original and Simple Copy(s).
  • Moral people: Articles of Incorporation, Power of Attorney and Official Identification of the representative or agent. – Original and Simple Copy(s).

How is it processed?

The procedure is free and is done in person, scheduling an appointment online. Remember that you must have your CdMx Key account.

  • Login with your account CDMX key to:

  • Click on the green button that says: Schedule an appointment.

  • In the dependency section, look for STYFE (Secretariat of Labor and Employment Promotion).
  • Press the green search button, located on the right.
  • Look for the section that says: Issuance, counterstamp, renewal or replacement; o Registry of unions of non-salaried workers.
  • Click on the calendar icon.
  • Choose the module, date and time of your appointment.


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