Nord Stream 2 and the migration crisis. Anna Zalewska on the strategy of Vladimir Putin

Anna Zalewska (PiS) submitted a resolution to stop Nord Stream 2, but the document is blocked by the Socialist Party and Donald Tusk’s EPP. Nevertheless, in an interview with the portal during the session in Strasbourg, the MEP argues that the harmful gas pipeline can still be rejected and this option has more and more supporters. – The last days are about turning on and off the gas tap and causing panic in the markets – says about the behavior of Vladimir Putin. He also argues that the Russian president is using immigrants to blackmail the EU over Nord Stream 2. “I’m sure of it,” he says.

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On Wednesday morning, the European Parliament began its deliberations by listening to statements by the Council and the Commission following the COP-26 climate summit in Glasgow. Have any groundbreaking decisions been taken there in the matter of environmental protection?

– A comment on what happened in Glasgow is the cry of the COP president, who said: “Unfortunately, it didn’t work.” This is good news for some and bad news for others. We were afraid, because the European Parliament was going with a declaration of withdrawing subsidies to everything fossilized by 2025 – Anna Zalewska reports in an interview with the reporter of the portal in Strasbourg.

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The MEP was personally in Scotland and points out that the European Commission has not been successful there. Frans Timmermans suggested introducing a global system of fees for CO2 emission rights, and the largest countries in the world decided that it was not the moment.

Russia and China have not even joined the declaration of a 30% reduction in methane leakage. Representatives of powerful economies have also managed to achieve a certain distance regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The Chinese delegation joked behind the scenes about the European Union saying that the two or threefold increase in their emissions is the result of orders from EU member states – she said.

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Russia is pushing on NS2. They want special treatment

Anna Zalewska assessed that not only on the basis of her observations, but also from talks in the lobby of the European Parliament, it appears that NS2 can still be stopped.

Among others, Germany withheld the certification. There is a rule resulting from the EU directive that the owner and the one who transmits and distributes cannot be the same entity. Diversification is necessary, and this is not the case with Russians, she explained.

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She emphasized that Moscow was pressing EU institutions to make an exception for them. The MEP submitted an appropriate resolution on this matter and called for a blockade of NS2, but the Party of European Socialists and the European People’s Party, chaired by Donald Tusk, “They are holding this resolution to achieve Angela Merkel’s German goal.”

– She does not hide that she wants Nord Stream 2 to be completed. Meanwhile, we see not only what is happening with gas prices, but with the blackmail against which we have warned the EU. The last days are about turning on and off the gas tap and causing panic on the gas markets – Zalewska said.

– We’ll see, because at the moment the United States woke up and actually impose further sanctions on those who work on the construction of NS2 – she added.

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A surprising EP debate on the Polish border

In an interview with the reporter of, Anna Zalewska also referred to the suggestion of some MEPs that the migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border is related to the dispute over Nord Stream 2.

– I am sure. We all know that Putin wants to destabilize the European Union and NATO – she said. – It has enormous gas resources and really he will dictate the prices when Nord Stream 2 is completed. So he takes advantage of every situation for such destabilization. It reevaluates, pretends to be a negotiator, tells the world that it is necessary to recognize Lukashenka and create a humanitarian corridor – she pointed out.

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Anna Zalewska assessed that in connection with this Calls by Angela Merkel or Emmanuel Macron to the leaders of Russia and Belarus are “breaking European unity”. As she said, “it disturbs and does not help to speak unambiguously about the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border.”

However, she admitted that Tuesday’s debate in the EP about the situation on the eastern border of the European Union was “Surprisingly supporting the activities of Poland”.

– There were maybe two strange statements. The Socialist MEP decided that in view of what was happening at the border, the rule of law procedure should be implemented. There were also taunts of MEP Radosław Sikorski, but we got used to it – she said.

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What’s next for Turów?

Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moskwa recently said that “as of today the negotiated contract on Turów is beneficial for the cross-border region and society ”. She added that the findings secure everything “what the Czech side raised”.

– Officially, we cannot contact the new government because we do not know what the people will be – she admitted, explaining that talks must be conducted with the government, which is still in charge.

So what stage of negotiations are we at?

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– We are definitely closer than further – Anna Zalewska told

– I have talked to Minister Anna Moskva many times. Most of all, we had hoped that a new government would soon be formed in the Czech Republic. These are our friends from the parliamentary group of the European Conservatives and Reformists. Unfortunately, it takes a while, however I made an appointment with the minister that we are silencing these emotions in the media, because the Czech side also listens to it all, and this does not help in these negotiations – she pointed out.

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