Nord Stream gas pipeline, new leak discovered. EU intelligence: “Russian ships were in the area in recent days”

A new loss of gas it was discovered after explosions recorded along the lines Nord Stream 1 and 2. The last recorded leak, as reported by the Swedish newspapers, concerns the Nord Stream 2 and would have occurred in Swedish economic zone. The Stockholm Coast Guard was unable to explain why the reporting of this new leak was delayed. But the two losses on the Swedish side are in the same area, it was explained: “Distance is something subjective, but they are close,” he said. Jenny Larssona Coast Guard officer.

The authority has not been able to confirm the reports reported by the Swedish media, according to which the new leak would concern the Nord Stream 2. Sweden has so far reported a leak on Nord Stream 1 north-east ofBornholm island. There Denmark confirmed the presence of one leak on Nord Stream 2 to the south-east of the island and another to the northeast on Nord Stream 1. Large leaks are causing considerable sea ​​bubbles of hundreds of meters on the surface, making it impossible for the moment to inspect the structures.

Meanwhile, officials of theEuropean intelligenceas reported by the Cnnnoted that on Monday and Tuesday support ships of the Russian Navy they were in the vicinity of the leaks. It is unclear whether the ships had anything to do with the explosionsthe sources said, but it is one of the many factors driving him investigators they will examine. They were observed last week Russian submarines not far from those areas, one of the intelligence officials said.

Russian ships routinely operate in the area, according to a Danish military official, who pointed out that the presence of the ships does not necessarily indicate that the Russia caused the damage. “We see them every week – he said – Russian activities in Baltic Sea have increased in recent years. They often test our awareness, both at sea and in the air ”. But the sightings cast further suspicion on Moscow, which has attracted the greatest attention from European and US officials as the only player in the region believed to have the capacity and the motivation to deliberately damage the pipelines, writes the US broadcaster.

The spokesperson for the Moscow Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharovatalking with Soloviev Live TVreplied that the flaws concern the exclusive economic zone of Denmark and Sweden, an area under full control of the American intelligence agencies. Zakharova recalled that American officials a Washington had argued some time ago that NordStream 2 would never go live. The spokesperson then asked the American president Joe Biden to answer the question of whether Washington translated its threat into practice on September 25 and 26: “Speaking of the place where the incident took place … There have been speculations that it was a matter of neutral waters. But it is the exclusive economic zone of Denmark and Sweden, countries centered on Bornfull of US-made weapons which are fully controlled by US intelligence agencies, which have complete control of the situation over there, ”he said.

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