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In Norway i will arrive NATO military. Having become the main European supplier of natural gas, Oslo has in fact accepted French, German and British military aid to guarantee the safety of his energy infrastructure, in particular the nine thousand kilometers of submarine gas pipelines that connect it with Europe, considered vulnerable. Prime Minister of NorwayJonas Gahr Storeannounced a few days after the explosions of unknown origin that caused four leaks in the pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2, in a press conference: “We are discussing with our allies to increase the presence in Norwegian waters and we have accepted German, French and British contributions”. “I understand that people are concerned about the possible consequences of the situation in the Baltic Sea and for the possibility of something similar happening in oil and gas plants, “the Norwegian prime minister said.

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Meanwhile, in a joint letter to the Council, Denmark and Sweden argue that the explosions that caused the gas leaks could be attributed to the detonation of “several hundreds of kilos of explosives“, perhaps TNT. The two countries are concerned about the possible consequences of the gas leaks on the marine environment and the climate and indicate that the pipeline operator believes the gas leaks from the pipelines will continue until Sunday. After the leak, the level of methane on Sweden and Norway is at record levels. “To plant the bombs”, some experts report Guardian, “may have been the maintenance robot operating within the pipeline facility during repair work. “” If this theory proves correct, the sophisticated nature of the attack and the power of the explosion would add weight to suspicions that the attacks were carried out by a state power, with the finger pointing at the Russia“.

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