Nord Stream operator, gas leak over – Mondo

The spokesman for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline management company reported that the gas leak is over from the conduct, which began after the suspicious explosions of recent days in the Baltic Sea. “The pressure of the water has more or less closed the pipeline so that the gas inside it does not escape,” said Ulrich Lissek. “The bottom line is that there is still gas in the pipeline,” he added.

“The bombs that caused four leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipeline, about 80 meters deep in the exclusive economic zones of Sweden and Denmark, may have been the maintenance robots operating inside the pipeline structure during repair work “: is the opinion of the experts reported by the Guardian. “If this theory turns out to be correct, the sophisticated nature of the attack and the power of the explosion would add weight to suspicions that the attacks were carried out by a state power, with the finger pointing at Russia.”

Intelligence sources cited by the German magazine Spiegel believe that the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, in the exclusive economic zones of Sweden and Denmark, were hit in four places by explosions with 500 kilos of TNT, the equivalent of the explosive power of a bomb by plane. German investigators took seismic readings to calculate the strength of the explosions. And they told the media that remote-controlled divers or robots may be able to visit the leak sites as early as this weekend.

According to the Finnish Environment Agency (Syke) the Danish Bornholm Basin, where the first leak from the Nord Stream pipeline was detected on Monday, is the largest chemical weapons dump in the Baltic Sea.

Syke said in a note that “the effect of gas leaks on chemical weapons is likely to be minimal, as they are buried several kilometers away but the effects are still uncertain.” The agency said it will continue to investigate the matter together with the Chemical Weapons Prohibition Treaty Institute at the University of Helsinki. The Finnish media reported it.