Normal People’s Daisy Edgar-Jones finds love with screen rival Anya Taylor-Joy’s ex-boyfriend

DAISY EDGAR-JONES fell in love on screen as feisty misfit Marianne in the hit 2020 TV series Normal People.

Now the actress has a romance of her own — with photographer Ben Seed.

Daisy Edgar-Jones has a romance of her own — with photographer Ben SeedCredit: Rex
The photographer previously dated young actress Anya Taylor-JoyCredit: BackGrid

And it seems he has a type, as he previously dated another young actress, Anya Taylor-Joy.

He split up with Anya shortly before she beat Daisy to a best actress gong at the 2021 Golden Globes for her turn as chess prodigy Beth Harmon in Netflix miniseries The Queen’s Gambit.

I’m told Daisy and Ben, who goes by the artist name Pip, have been seeing each other for months and have been spotted on a string of dates in East London, where they both live.

A source said: “Daisy and Pip got together earlier this year and have become inseparable.

“They have both had some free time this summer and love hanging out in Broadway Market in East London, just going to bars and spending time together.

“There’s a real spark there and they are excited about finding each other. They’ve already met one another’s friends and she is on cloud nine.”

Ben is Daisy’s first known partner since her two-year romance with fellow actor Tom Varey — who she met while shooting period drama Pond Life — ended in February 2021.

‘I have been lucky’

Last year, Daisy opened up about her own difficulties in dating while promoting her horror thriller Fresh — about a woman whose relationship with a man she meets at a shop quickly gets messy.

She admitted: “Now that we have dating apps, we almost shop for each other like we would with a handbag and hope to goodness that the person we meet will live up to the idea of ​​them that we’ve created.”

However, she insisted her love life wasn’t as tragic as her character’s.
Daisy added: “Personally, I have been lucky, I haven’t been on a huge amount of dates, but definitely the ones I’ve been on have not been as bad as poor Noa.”

Given her character in that film meets a sticky end, I should very much hope not.

Cardi B’s X-rated

I’M a rock and indie man through and through, but writing Britain’s biggest music column for nearly six years has taught me the brilliance of all that pop music can be – and I unashamedly love it.

But it has also shown me that pop can sometimes be ashamed of itself, and pushes boundaries in a desperate bid to appear to be something more edgy or profound than it actually is.

Cardi B has a new single outCredit: Eroteme
Cardi B with Megan Thee StallionCredit: Eroteme
Her lyrics include lines like: ‘Eat this ass like a plum’Credit: Eroteme

And then, occasionally, stars of that genre of music go so far over the line of what’s reasonable it just looks silly – especially once you realize that many pop fans are about 11 years old.

Step forward Cardi B – whose new single I’m told includes such profound lyrics as: “Eat this ass like a plum. This p***y tight like a nun. Better chew it up like it’s gum, then wipe your mouth when you’re done.”

Well that’s going to sound lovely on next week’s school run, cheers.

Because here’s the reality – as the father of an eight year old girl I’ve realized most of the current pop scene should come with an 18 rating, and I don’t want to sound like a prude but it’s hard to disagree when you look at the rest of Cardi’s latest offering.

She continues: “Don’t be talking s like you know me, I ride d* like a pony. Girl that N look like a brokey.

“Shoot your shot like a free throw. Just know this p***y ain’t free though. MyBD is amigo, b*tch your BD is zero.”

It carries on in the same vein, but I’ll spare you the rest – mostly because I don’t fully understand it.

But what I do know is this… when most of your fans are actually 14 years old, perhaps it’s time to rethink your messaging.

I’m 36, and most of it has been wildered me…

You’re a star, Leigh

LEIGH-ANNE is reaching for the stars with her new single.

The former Little Mix member joined forces with Nigerian singer Ayra Starr for her latest song, My Love.

Leigh-Anne is reaching for the stars with her new singleCredit: Photosagie
Leigh-Anne and crew on the set of the new music video

The pair filmed the promo to the Afrobeats-inspired track in Lagos this summer – with Leigh-Anne wearing a slashed black bikini top and feather skirt.

Of the track, Leigh-Anne said: “I wanted to start fresh with My Love with a new lease of life, almost like a rebirth, which continues through the incredible video we shot.

“With the sound and energy of this song, I knew I needed an equally powerful woman to join me and I’ve been obsessed with Ayra Starr for so long.”

Keane mark milestone

NEXT May marks the 20th anniversary of Keane’s huge debut album Hopes And Fears – which spawned three Top Ten singles including Somewhere Only We Know.

Now lead singer Tom Chaplin has revealed the band had to spend time apart to rediscover that magic, as they prepare to go on a world tour to celebrate the milestone and re-release the album, which was their first of four No1 collections.

Four-piece Keane are set for a global tourCredit: Alex Lake

During an exclusive chat, Tom, who went into treatment for drink and drugs after Keane’s initial mammoth success, said: “Looking back I was not ready for the spotlight, even though I craved it.

“We greeted the world with a very strong record with seemingly endless singles on it.

“That album was an embarrassment of riches and I don’t think we realized what we had.

“And like all bands, we’ve had our struggles. We have had to go through periods of being apart and doing our own thing.

“We separated in order to come back together stronger.

“There is more love and respect for each other as a group now more than there has ever been.”

Tom and bandmates Tim Rice-Oxley, Richard Hughes and Jesse Quin will kick off their tour in Mexico City in April before returning for the six-gig UK leg, starting at Leeds’ First Direct Arena on May 3.

And the group are rarer to go, with Tom revealing they hope to work on a sixth studio album, the follow-up to 2019’s Cause And Effect.

He added: “We are experimenting with doing things a bit differently and breaking out of the old dynamic, and who knows, that may mean more music down the line.

“It is inspired by watching The Beatles’ Get Back documentary. It reminded us of something. We want to reignite that spirit inside of us.”

KYLIE MINOGUE hopes to release a tune she worked on with Prince in the Nineties.

She sent lyrics to the late star, who put together and recorded track Baby Doll.

Superfan Kylie told BBC Sounds’ Scott Mills she’s seeking permission from Prince’s estate to release the song.

She said: “I got some lyrics to him and then I had delivered to me, by his driver, a cassette of Prince. Nothing happened to that but I would love permission to do something with it.”

Romy’s Jess the best

JESSIE WARE lost out at Thursday’s Mercury Prize but she reckons she knows who will win next year – and is getting in on the action too.

She has championed The XX singer Romy following the release of her debut solo album Mid Air yesterday.

Jessie Ware reckons she knows who will win next year’s Mercury PrizeCredit: Getty
Romy Madley Croft from The XXCredit: Getty – Contributor

Asked about her favorite records currently, Jessie told me: “I know which album I’m rooting for – Romy’s. It’s unbelievable.

“I think she’ll be up for the Mercury Prize next year. I’m proud of her and I’ll say it to you now, me and her are going to do a duet on the next record.”

Jessie is certainly busy. As well as releasing a hit album in That! Feel Good! and becoming a popular podcaster with Table Manners, she will be a judge on a new ITV talent show.

Mamma Mia! I Have A Dream, starts this autumn and aims to cast the lead roles in the West End musical.

Quizzed on what else she wants to try, she joked: “How much can I take the mick with?”

Bosses probe Ariana leak

ARIANA GRANDE’s record label has called in lawyers after five of her unreleased tracks appeared online.

Bosses at Republic Records are investigating how the songs were uploaded to Spotify under the fake name Adriana Venti.

Ariana Grande’s record label has called in lawyers after five of her unreleased tracks appeared onlineCredit: Getty

The songs spread like wildfire through social media with one, Before You Go There’s Something You Should Know, streamed more than 1.3million times.

They are thought to be offcuts from previous albums.

A source said: “It’s gutting for Ariana. The songs didn’t make the cut for a reason. They aren’t finished and not ones she wants out there. Fortunately the label has managed to pull them.”

I know fans are desperate for new music from Ariana but sharing leaks is never the way to go.

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