North Korea, Kim fires 2 missiles as Reagan aircraft carrier arrives. At the UN Russia and China against the USA-

The North Koreans have launched two more missiles towards the Sea of ​​Japan: the sixth test in 10 days, and it happens just as the US aircraft carrier arrives with its battle group. And at the UN there is a clash in the Security Council

The North Koreans have launched two more missiles towards the Sea of ​​Japan. the sixth test in ten days, the number 24 since the beginning of the year, for a total of 44 ordnance, including intercontinental, medium, short range and cruise type.

Even specialists who have dedicated their lives to the study of North Korea and of Kim dynasty that has dominated it since the end of the Second World War.

The two missiles of this October 6 appear Pyongyang’s response to the arrival of the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan in the Sea of ​​Japan with his battle group. The unit was in front of the South Korean port of Busan in late September and until last week, for joint maneuvers with the allies in Seoul and Tokyo in this phase of tensions.

Then the large nuclear-powered unit had returned to sea to leave the theater of operations: it was recalled back on Tuesday, after a North Korean missile flew over the Japanese archipelago. The right countermeasures have been taken in the face of threats to stability in the peninsula posed by the redeployment of the American aircraft carrierPyongyang said, without directly mentioning the two missiles this morning.

For months, the regime’s propaganda has not even rejoiced after a launch, because evidently there are no new models starting from the bases scattered in the North. Kim Jong-un has only publicized his dramatic changes in political-military strategy: the front-line units along the 38 Parallel must prepare for the use of tactical nuclear shells, i.e. those with reduced power to be used in the field of battle or in the enemy rear; and then, the Marshal granted himself the right of the nuclear first strike if his regime or his person should be in danger.

The record sequence of missile launches in recent months seems to have two purposes: to improve the operational capacity of the arsenal and draw political attention from Washington and Seoul.

The two launches this morning were detected by the military of Japan and South Korea and cataloged as Srbm: Short-range ballistic missiles, therefore short-range. They flew for 7 and 13 minutes respectively, making parabolas of 350 and 800 kilometers after reaching a maximum altitude of about 80 kilometers. Both ended up in the ocean, called the Sea of ​​Japan from Tokyo and the East Sea from Seoul.

The Japanese command has detected a feature that unites several of the latest North Korean tests: today’s second missile followed an irregular trajectory, suggesting flight maneuvers directed by the controllers of Pyongyang.

After ignoring North Korean activity for months, the United States has decided to react to Kim Jong-un’s growing threats. US forces deployed south of the 38th parallel on Wednesday fired tactical missiles at targets simulating Northern bases (a faulty South Korean Hyunmoo-2C plunged back to the ground, exploding and scaring people in a small provincial town who believed they were under attack).

There White House appealed to the UN Security Councilwhere for it was faced China and Russia who refused to condemn Kim and prepare new sanctions.

There was one fire exchange (verbal) in the night at the UN Headquarters: American ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield denounced the obvious effort by China and Russia to reward North Korea for his bad deeds; two permanent members of the Security Council protect Kim Jong-un and allow him to do what he does. Chinese representative Geng Shuang replied that the Council must play a constructive and relaxing role instead of focusing only on rhetoric and pressure. Russian delegate Anna Evstigneeva reiterated that new sanctions against North Korea would bring zero results. In fact, none of the powers has a solution to propose anyway.

No one has a solution plan at hand. In Seoul and Washington, analysts are convinced that Kim is also preparing a nuclear testthe first since 2017. Everything seems ready, in the tunnels of the northern polygon of Punggye-ri, only the order to detonate the underground mine is missing.

Possible date between the end of the Communist Congress in Beijing, around 25 October, and the elections of 8 November in the United States.

At that point, with the UN Security Council stalled, the North Korean challenge would merge with Putin’s nuclear threat, opening a second front.

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