North Korea, two missiles fired from the railroad platform. “They hit the target precisely”

North Korea tested rockets launched from a railway platform on Friday, the state agency KCNA reported. They were confirmed to be short-range ballistic missiles.

On Friday, the college of the South Korean military chiefs of staff reported that North Korea had fired two missiles eastwards.

KCNA said it had taken the test to “test and evaluate proficiency in the regiment’s operating procedures.” “The regiment precisely hit a target set on the east coast with two tactical guided missiles,” the agency wrote.

North Korea. Test of rockets installed on a railway platform EPA / KCNA

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un did not participate in the exercise this time, according to KCNA. “The regiment demonstrated high maneuverability and hit frequency” and analyzed ways to “set the correct operating system for railway missiles throughout the country,” the press release said.

According to the command of the South Korean army, the missiles were fired from the province of North Pyongan, which lies in the northwest of the DPRK, near the border with China. The missiles flew about 430 kilometers at an altitude of 36 kilometers. The first of them was detected at 2.41 p.m. local time (6:41 in Poland), and the second one 11 minutes later.

North Korea. Test of rockets installed on a railway platform EPA / KCNA

Another test, missiles similar to the Russian ones

The first test of missiles installed on railway platforms was carried out by North Korea in September last year. Back then, two short-range ballistic missiles were also launched, and the Kyodo news agency wrote that they were probably two of the updated version of the KN-23, a new type of short-range ballistic missile known to fly along an irregular trajectory. Military experts say the weapon is similar to an advanced ballistic missile produced in Russia.

This is North Korea’s third missile test in recent days. During the previous two years, Pyongyang tested hypersonic missiles.


Main photo source: EPA / KCNA

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