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More and more Hollywood stars say they rarely wash. At the same time, indicate the health benefits of such a procedure. The issue of hygiene becomes a more controversial topic day by day. The ideology of “not to wash” does not seem to be supported by Dwayne Johnson, known from the series “Fast and the Furious”.

Photo: Shutterstock Dwayne Johnson at the Hollywood Hygiene Department

The matter of national importance

The debate about personal hygiene in the US is in full swing. Other celebrities comment on washing or not washing. The problem seems to be growing, and soon it will be one of the most important in Hollywood, more important than human rights or the amount of fuel used by American cars or the presidential election. The situation seems to be one big joke. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decided to deal with the matter.

Hollywood guard

Actor Dwayne Johnson is one of the most popular people in the American show business, has more followers than Kim Kardashian. He seems to represent a common sense approach to the matter:

Not! I am the opposite of those celebrities who “do not wash”. Shower (cold) when you leave the bed so that it can get sprung. Shower (warm) after training before work. Shower (hot) after returning from work. Washing your face, washing your body. , peeling and singing (stuffing) in the shower is my daily routine.

New fragrance trends

It all started with the speech Nice Kunis and Ashton Kutcher who say I wash my children when I see dirt. Then the theory was endorsed by Kristen Bell and partly Jake Gyllenhaal. It was not hard to guess that people were reluctant to side with the non-washing, considering the new trend hideous.

Is it about health?

And everything is related to research conducted by Harvard Health Publishing, according to which daily bathing is not advisable and can even be harmful. Frequent showering damages the microbiome that is responsible for protecting our immune system. Detergents and hot water “kill” the natural protective layer (friendly bacteria) and dry the skin. Short showers are recommended for people who will not skip frequent baths.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is a former footballer, professional wrestler, he has acted under the pseudonym “The Rock.” He has been active since 2001. He will act in films such as: King Scorpio, Game plan, Fast and Furious series, Jumanji: Adventure in the jungle.

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