Not French anymore, but American manicure. Jennifer Lopez is his fan. Will it be accepted in Poland?

World manicurists are sure that American manicure will win the hearts of women. The biggest stars have already found out about it, including Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez, who exchanged this classic French for this one. This nail stylization, although it is outstanding and gives the “wow” effect, still looks neat and natural. Most importantly, it fits just as well for the day as it is for big outings. This can be noticed, for example, on the red carpet during major world events. What is this type of nail styling?

What does American manicure look like?

This type of nail styling can definitely be called a more modern version of the classic French. About 20 years ago, every woman wanted extended nails painted beige or pink with a thick white line at the ends.

The biggest change in American manicure can be seen at first glance. The difference between the white tip and the color of the nail is much smaller. This gives a softer and more natural effect. Moreover, the shape of the nail also changes. Until now, French was most often performed on a square plate, its modern version is painted on a tonsil-shaped plate. The nails of Jennifer Lopez, who chose such a look during the Dolce & Gabanna sessions, can be the best illustration of American manicure.

Tom Bachnik, nail stylist of such stars as Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, Lily Aldridge or Olivia Rodrigo is responsible for the star’s manicure. It reveals that in order to obtain an effect similar to Jennifer Lopez, the order of the actions during nail styling needs to be slightly changed. Instead of starting by painting the tile nude as usual, we should paint a white pattern first. To make it even, you need to mark the center of the nail and paint two semicircular arcs on the sides to match the shape of the plate. For a more subtle manicure, choose a varnish in a shade of light beige, cream or off-white.

Celebrity stylist trick

Use the Tom Bachnik trick to make the pattern on the nail have the perfect shape. To precisely line the white line, do so with an eyeliner brush dipped in nail polish remover.

When doing this, turn your hand facing you, this will make it easier for you to keep the same line on both sides of the nail.

– the specialist advises.

Finally, it is worth protecting the nails with a protective base that will allow you to enjoy American manicure for several weeks.

Will American manicure gain popularity in Poland?

Will American manicure find its supporters in our country and does this type of nail styling really have a greater wow effect than classic French? We decided to ask Patrycja Jewsienia, a specialist in this field.

To the question: “Does american manicure make more wow than classic french?” it is difficult to answer briefly, because it is a river topic, and the answers depend on the aesthetics of a particular clientele. It is not a popular trend in Poland yet, but among my clients the desire to make this stylization or a variation on it appears more and more often. I have the impression that bolder people will sympathize with this type of expression, because the effect is much more edge-like. Mainstream fans have already got used to this 90’s franchise, which is why he is still leading in this nail battle. We can get used to everything in fashion and beauty, so who knows? Maybe this type of styling will gain a group of supporters / supporters. Stylists / stylists play a large role in this.

– explains Patrycja.

Patrycja is responsible for the nails of many Polish stars. Among her clients you can meet Jessica Mercedes, Marina, Joanna Horodyńska or Julia Wieniawa.

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