Not just gas, coal also increases in price: the record rise in price

Who said that 2022 is only the year of gas, energy and fuel price increases? As if this were not enough, in fact, coal, which many had indicated as an “escape route” to cope with losses after the closure of supplies from Russia, is added to the list of increases in recent months caused by the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. . But it is precisely from the gas crisis that the “return to coal” has made the fortunes of many producers who, in recent months, have seen the coal prices at an all-time high.

Coal on the rise, when it costs

Obviously, as demand increases, prices also increase and coal is no exception. The return to the polluting fossil fuel par excellence, in fact, has led to new highs in the price of coal which in the last few hours has reached an unprecedented price in any of its specific types. If in fact the general cost has risen, with spot prices that have exceeded the threshold of $ 200 a ton (205 specifically in the central Appalachia region), the cost of thermal coal is seven times higher compared to the price of a few years ago (from 60-80 dollars per ton to the current 440 dollars).

This is not a price increase strictly linked to the war in Ukraine as, even before the outbreak of the conflict, a gradual increase in prices had been recorded. In fact, after the pandemic, the demand for electricity had increased faster than the pace of mining. Today, however, prices are soaring above all the various reorganizations of energy supplies that more and more countries are putting in place to cope with the “expensive gas” or lack thereof (here we told you about Italy’s rooftop plan at the price of gas).

The reopening of coal-fired power plants

The outbreak of the war in Ukraine, as we have underlined, has led many countries to go back to the past, to that coal that had been set aside and stored for some time due to the high level of pollution it was experiencing. In fact, around Europe, once the taps with Russia were closed, the reopening of coal plants arrived. In Italy, following the expensive bills, several power plants were rekindled which, according to what is reported by the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco, will help to reduce by approximately 1.8 billion cubic metersor cubic meters of gas, from August 2022 to March 2023.

In Italy there are six special coal-fired plants, while one is oil-fired (we told you about it here). The coal-fired ones are in four cases by Enel: Fusina (Venice), Toasts, Torrevaldaliga (Civitavecchia) and Portovesme in Sardinia. The Ep Produzione company owns the coal-fired power plant in Holy River in Sardinia. A2a a a Monfalconeas well as a fuel oil plant located in San Filippo del Mela (Messina).

Germany has also reopened coal plants, with the federal government, according to reports recently in the German press, which has agreed that electrical plants using the raw material will remain active until March 31, 2024. In addition to fossil coal plants from the beginning of October, again with the aim of diversifying energy supplies, lignite-fueled ones will also return to the electricity market.

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