Not only Angelina Jolie. Here are the worst star attachments (PHOTOS)

Celebrities in general they are quite willing to experiment with their image. Both drastic and subtle changes to the exterior are, after all, the perfect way to get media attention. Unfortunately, not all metamorphoses are successful …

Recently, there has been a lot of attention in the media about the hairstyle Angelina Jolie presented at the premiere of the film “Eternals” in Rome. The star decided to go crazy a bit and she extended her hair to the waist. Although the actress presented herself impeccably in the silver Atelier Versace creation, her hairstyle was not entirely successful. The extensions clearly stood out from Angie’s natural hair. Jolie’s mishap has already had a great effect on the web.

How can you let Angelina Jolie look like that on the red carpet ?! Someone will get fired here; The one who extended Angelina’s hair must be Jennifer’s friend [Aniston – przyp. red.] – Twitter users wrote.

Of course, Jolie is not the only representative of show business whose hair extensions left a lot to be desired. Similar mishaps are also experienced by, among others Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Kaja Paschalska or Sasha Strunin.


Most of these photos are from a few years ago, as synthetic and artificial trailers were the norm, which only highlights Angelina’s slip-up

Even the bald angelina will be the most beautiful!

Jusia, Doda, Beata, Maryla, Wozniak-Starak (the one has recently changed to wigs) … it would be easier to replace those that do not have attachments.


Sylwia Grzeszczak is missing

Where’s Sylwia Grzeszczak?

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Mom Gynecologist and her Hollywood Hair attachments

Don’t make us crazy, these funny little chunks today, hardly any woman has her long and thick hair, and even more so, when you lose 80 percent of your hair, they buy attachments and think that people will buy it. Missing Gessler, Grzeszczak, Gorniak, Rabczewska, Minge, etc., etc., can be exchanged and replaced

It is the worst when the place where the trailer is mounted is visible. It looks disgusting to say the least

Most often, children have their long virgin hair cut so that they can be made into wigs for people suffering from cancer, and it often turns out that they are sold on extensions to such pseudo-stars as Mrs. Rozenkowa. Shame!

every natural blonde has rather fine and not very thick hair. all with lion hairs have attachments, you can’t fool nature.

Małgosia Rozenek- Majdan has perfect attachments. You may or may not be a fan of trailers, but hers are very aesthetic.

And with all my sympathy but I ask: where is Mrs. Gessler?

Trailers are disgusting. Just mounting them is terrible. I do not understand this phenomenon. I am able to understand the love for glued-on eyelashes and permanent makeup. But sticky lint is something terrible;)


M. GESSLER HAS THE WORST TRAILERS. But because it looks so artificial, it faints.

And have you forgotten about Geslerowa? She, too, has a step, which can be seen in one of the kitchen episodes of the revolution. Different color, different structure, as if I had a wig and two hairs on the cross of my own.

After all, the attachments do not have to be the same color !!! ??? what nonsense, there are highlights, ombre, etc. dense, the color has nothing to do with the fact that they don’t fall off, so unhook the trailers

Liszowska worst. But she never looked good

You forgot about Andziaks XD

Rozenek still has only short attachments to thicken her hair because she has 2 of them crosswise and she once wrote that she pulled it off

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