Not only Britney Spears. Amanda Bynes also has a guardianship!

Amanda Bynes
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The life of Britney Spears has been turned upside down for several years. All thanks to the tutelage over which her father exercises. The singer is not allowed to decide even on private matters. The Britney Conservatory case has attracted a lot of attention, but did you know that she is not the only one facing such a problem? Actress Amanda Bynes is also under the tutelage!

As long as u Britney Spears, everything slowly returns to normal, because the father of the star has declared that he will step down, and she is Sam Asghari’s happy fiancée. Yes u Amanda Bynes the situation is boring. Will she also have to fight for her freedom like a princess of pop?

This is not known and may it not be so. However, the media reported that conservation care for Bynes was extended until January 2023.

Britney Spears’s father relinquishes his guardianship! Will the star regain freedom thanks to the fans?

Amanda Bynes, once a teenager idol, known from the movie “What a Girl Wants”, is an example of how a quick entry into the business world show can be fatal. From a rising star, Amanda quickly became a person with legal and drug problems. At just 24 years old, Bynes announced that she was quitting acting. The actress was tired of doing everything at the dictation of others.

The end of her career caused the actress a number of problems with the law. First, in 2012, she was arrested by the police and accused of driving under the influence of drugs. In 2013, she had set fire to the house that was adjacent to her father’s house. Immediately after that, she was under a psychiatric observation. A year later, she accused her father of sexual and psychological abuse. She was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

After leaving the hospital, Bynes found herself under the temporary care of her mother.

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Amanda Bynes with extended guardianship

According to foreign media, the tutelage was supposed to last 7 years, that is, end this year. However, it was recently reported that it has been extended until 2023.

According to The Blast magazine, her parents take care of her, who take care of her finances and other matters.

Last year, Amanda revealed that she is already feeling much better against her social anxiety, which has brought her to treatment.

Do you think Amanda will also be in a similar position to Britney?

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