Not only for depression and panic attacks but also for those suffering from anxiety, a benefit with an amount up to 291 euros per month could be recognized.

Civil invalidity is recognized to citizens who have certified a reduction in working capacity. Not only for physical pathologies, therefore, it is up to the recognition of the benefit. Although psychiatric illnesses are often underestimated, the malaise they cause can also be very profound. And until some time ago they were not considered for the recognition of civil invalidity. Considering, however, that very often the life of those suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and depression is compromised, things have changed. Those who suffer from these psychiatric diseases, in fact, are very difficult to carry out a job peacefully and very often are unsuitable for carrying out certain tasks.

Invalidity due to psychiatric diseases

Civil disability can be recognized not only for depressions and panic attacks, but also for those suffering from anxiety. These psychiatric pathologies, in fact, have been included in the list of diseases that give the right to civil disability. Since, after all, they can also be much more disabling than other diseases.

Anxiety, for example, is one of the most common pathologies in modern society and many people suffer from it. Who, in addition to resorting to drugs, also experience the condition in which they find themselves with profound discomfort. Panic or anxiety can be manifested differently from person to person. But when this disorder involves the physical, cognitive and emotional spheres it can become profoundly disabling.

Not only for depression and panic attacks but also for those suffering from anxiety, a benefit with an amount up to 819 euros per month could be recognized.

Anxiety, therefore, can be disabling, especially when it prompts the sufferer to change their lifestyle habits. In fact, it can lead to upheavals both psychically and physically. When it becomes a disorder it can also be disabling by interfering with work and social life, causing psychophysical discomfort.

Obviously, it is not enough to have a certification that certifies that you suffer from anxiety. Therefore it is necessary to undergo a medical examination to understand if the disability it entails can give you the right to any relief.

Those suffering from anxious depressive syndrome could be entitled to the recognition of civil invalidity in cases where the Commission recognizes its seriousness. Depending on the degree of disability recognized, you may be entitled to a monthly civil disability allowance for partial invalids (from 74 to 99%) of € 291.69 per month.

It is not uncommon, in fact, for those suffering from anxiety to also fall back into the sphere of panic attacks and for this reason report more serious symptoms. And in this case, if the disadvantage at work is certified, the patient’s condition could be considered invalidating.

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