Not only Jakub and Julia. The most fashionable names for children in Bielsko-Biała

January 12, 2022, h. 07:30

Jakub and Jan as well as Julia and Zuzanna – these are currently the most popular names given to children in Bielsko-Biała. In 2021, 3,657 birth certificates were prepared at the Registry Office in Bielsko. There were mostly boys, of which there were 1904. This means that in the future ladies will have a lot to choose from.

Boys were most often given names by parents such as Jakub – 84, Jan – 81, Antoni – 78, Filip – 60, Maksymilian – 55, Mikołaj – 48. In contrast, female names were dominated by such names as Julia – 72, Zuzanna – 68, Zofia – 59, Hanna – 57, Maja – 52. Rare male names that were registered in 2021 at the Registry Office in Bielsko are: Edgar, Oktawian, Florian, Kosma, Pio. There were also such female names as Rosa, Inka, Eliza, Teresa and Hiacynta.

Last year, 614 marriage certificates were prepared in the Registry Office. Civil unions dominated, of which there were 354. On the other hand, there were 260 denominational acts. 30 marriages were concluded with foreigners. They came from countries such as Ukraine – 18, Belarus – 3, Italy – 1, Russia – 1, Sweden – 1, Georgia – 1, Turkey – 1, New Zealand – 1, USA – 1, Pakistan – 1 and Vietnam – 1. 35 weddings were held outside the Registry Office.

In 2021, 2,991 death certificates were prepared. 314 couples celebrated long-term marriages: 238 spouses celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, 60 couples – 60th anniversary, 12 couples – 65th anniversary, 3 couples – 70th anniversary and one couple – 72nd anniversary.


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